Canada’s prime tourist attraction: Niagara Falls

18 May, 2016 Culture James Burt

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You’ve seen it on postcards and in couple’s honeymoon photos. You’ve heard about the risk takers that have tried to cross it. It’s that large waterway that divides Canada and the United States.

The great Niagara Falls is impressive to anyone that sees it firsthand. It’s also become a touristic cliché to Canadian citizens and international students. However, beyond its familiar imagery and various riverside attractions, Niagara Falls is a multi-faceted locale that can offer a wealth of experiences.



A twelve thousand year old glacier formed the waterfall, which is only the beginning of a great geological land formation. Its cliff continues for a few hundred kilometres to the northwest to form the Bruce Peninsula, which is home to many unique plants, animals, and rock types.



If you’ve ever seen Superman II with Christopher Reeve, you’ll recall a scene at Niagara Falls where Superman saves a boy that’s fallen over the railing. Though that was a Hollywood fantasy film, the sequence bears some truth.

The water flows over the falls at over fifty-six kilometres per hour, with large boulders just below the surface of the water below. Moreover, the water collects at the bottom into a powerful whirlpool. Many daredevils have been caught in this, even after they’ve braved going over the falls. Sadly, none of them have survived.



The local economy has taken full advantage of its beautiful surroundings for commercial purposes. Hotels, casinos, restaurants, fairs, and handicraft shops are everywhere, as well as both American and Canadian businesses. At night, the falls are backlit by coloured lights to add a romantic mood to the area.

While some people dislike the overtly touristic economy, many travelers from all over the world have enjoyed themselves at Niagara, and many economists have noted its long successful tourist economy. 



Many travelers visit Niagara Falls over the spring/summer season to take advantage of the Maid of the Mist boat trip. On a sunny day, they can enjoy the beauty of the falls from a closer perspective – though they may get a little wet in the process. Don’t worry: the ship supplies raincoats for all passengers!



The falls and its surrounding entertainment areas are fun, but the outer Niagara regions offer even more attractions. The Niagara escarpment boasts many great trails and natural exploration areas and the local fruit belts are also worth a visit, as well as the wine regions that produce the area’s unique ice wine.

Most tour packages to Niagara Falls offer stops at wineries and fruit farms for a more comprehensive tour.

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