Why study English in the UK?

Studying a new language can be difficult – and one of the best ways to pick things up quickly is by fully immersing yourself in a country that commonly speaks the language you are learning.

Choosing to live in a country that speaks the language you are learning is a popular path for many reasons. If you are learning English, you may be considering studying in the UK, the US or Canada but here are some of the benefits of studying English in the UK:

  1. UK qualifications are internationally recognised: studying in the UK can give you a boost when applying for future university programmes or jobs. University admissions teams and employers often value qualifications from the UK because they know you will have been held to high standards and had some experience of using the language in your day-to-day activities.
  1. Great value for money: while studying in the UK, you will benefit from high living conditions and exceptional education standards. There are many affordable language courses and living options across England and the UK more widely.
  1. Travel opportunities: wherever you choose to study in the UK, there is ample opportunity to travel and enjoy the diverse landscape and exciting histories in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Additionally, the UK also benefits from fast and cheap flights to many places in Europe, so you will be able to travel outside of the UK too.
  1. Good transport links around the city: the UK is known for its reliable and convenient public transport system, especially in London. This means you will be able to spend time in many areas across your city of choice.
  1. Exciting social life: the UK offers a variety of activities, whether you are interested in museums, live music, or going to the pub. Depending on where abouts in the country you choose to live, you will find a range of options to fill your free time with.
  1. Increases chances of securing a university place in the UK: studying English in the UK increases your chances of acceptance to a UK university, not only because your qualification will be valued, but also because you can carry out a university pathway programme. By completing a university pathway programme at The Language Gallery, you may secure a place at one of our partner universities.
  1. You get lots of practice: while living in the UK, you will be encouraged to speak English when doing everyday things such as buying your shopping, ordering a coffee, talking to friends etc. This means speaking the language will become more natural to you more quickly.

Where can I study English in the UK?

The UK is the world’s most popular destination for studying English so you will not be short for choice of places to study. The Language Gallery has courses available in London, Birmingham and Nottingham. This means you have several options to choose from dependent on whether you want to live in the buzzing capital city and cultural hub or a smaller yet equally inviting English city.

Additionally, there are lots of different courses to choose from. You can study IELTS Preparation or General English or maybe you would prefer to have private lessons. You also have the option of studying short summer courses – so there is something to suit everyone.

Why choose The Language Gallery to study English in the UK?

The Language Gallery is a reliable, affordable and award-winning language school. Offering a student-focused approach, you will be supported throughout your time studying with us and we will ensure you reach your personal goals. We are accredited by The British Council, which speaks to our high standards, teaching success and reputability.

The Language Gallery offers several English courses including General English, Academic English, IELTS Preparation, English for Women, University Pathway Programmes, as well as private courses with one-to-one and group courses available so you won’t struggle to find the right programme for you.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it worth studying English in the UK?
    If you really want to learn English, choosing to fully immerse yourself in a culture of people who speak the language fluently is one of the best ways to speed up the process. You can access high quality English education in many schools across the UK, so there are lots of opportunities to choose from.
  1. How much does it cost to study English in the UK?
    The costs you need to account for when planning to study English in the UK are the costs of your English lessons, your accommodation and food, activities and transport budget. You can adjust your lifestyle/spending based on your budget and there are several accommodation options such as university halls, homestay or a house share.
  1. Will I get a certificate for my English degree?
    Yes – you will receive a certificate to prove your qualification. This will be dependent on the course you choose and the qualification you earn.
  1. How to apply for English courses in the UK?
    If you are looking for a supportive and friendly environment to dramatically improve your English skills – look no further. To find out about studying one of our courses at The Language Gallery, click here.

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