What to consider when choosing an English course in Nottingham

Choosing to study an English language course in England is a great way to increase the efficiency of your learning while getting a feel for the cultural aspect of living in the UK. However, there’s many schools to choose from and there are a few things you should keep in mind to help you make that decision. There is no set rule for choosing an English course and the first thing to consider is your personal wants, needs and goals. We are going to focus specifically on studying English in Nottingham, one of the best student cities in the UK.

What’s important to you?

Everyone’s reasons for studying English are different. If you plan on doing an English language course, or a Pathway Programme that can lead you to acceptance onto an undergraduate or postgraduate course at a UK university, then you might want to choose to study at a language school in a city with good universities for the course you plan on studying. If you are doing an English language course in the UK for the chance to study abroad and experience a different culture, then you may want to look for a busy city that offers a fun social aspect too.

What are the benefits of an English course in Nottingham?

Nottingham is an exciting, buzzing city in central England’s Midlands region. Known for its role in the Robin Hood legend and the hilltop Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, the city offers a variety of enticing elements that attract many students to the city. Over 60,000 students study in Nottingham, and The Language Gallery’s centre is located right in the heart of the city. The school is brand new and offers smart teaching facilities and student spaces, making it a great choice of places to study English in the UK. 

Set in the University of Law's campus, The Language Gallery Nottingham offers students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in university life, while receiving excellent English language education and being guided towards their language goals. 

Nottingham is renowned for its lively social scene, rich history and art and culture. There is a great range of restaurants, bars, galleries and shopping centres to explore near our centre which is ideally located in the heart of the city. This is one of the three cities where The Language Gallery’s schools are based, and you can get a short 2 hour train ride from Nottingham to London if you want to explore more of the country’s exciting cities. Read more about things to do in Nottingham here.

How do I choose the right English course? Things to consider

  1. Quality of teaching

When choosing a language school, your top concern will be the quality of teaching the school provides! All three of The Language Gallery schools have received British Council accreditation, which guarantees high quality teaching standards. The British Council is a renowned British organisation specialising in international cultural and educational opportunities. The Language Gallery being awarded this accreditation shows the high standards of education offered and assures students that they are choosing a reputable centre to study English.

  1. Graduate outcomes and pathway opportunities

Future prospects should be something you keep in mind when researching what English language programme you would like to enrol in. For example, if you are studying English in the UK to move on to a particular programme, you will want to check if the language school has the appropriate pathway course that will allow you entry. The Language Gallery in Nottingham offers several pathway programmes including, International Foundation Programme, Pre-Sessional Pathway Programme, Pre-Masters Programmes. Learn more about our pathway programmes here.

  1. Quality of teachers

The quality of teaching you receive will have a huge impact on how quickly you pick up a new language. It’s vital you choose a school that offers flexibility in terms of meeting different learning needs of different students. For example, along with checking a school has been accredited, ensure they offer a variety of teaching methods and class styles to meet your needs. For example, if you’re a beginner English-language-learner you might want to pick a language centre with small classes to ensure you get the time and attention you need. Learn more here.

  1. Student feedback

A great indicator of the quality of a language school is hearing what previous or current students have to say. If students agree this school gives a high quality of teaching, and support for transitioning to life in a new country, it is likely you will have a similar experience and the school is probably doing a good job. Read some of The Language Gallery’s student testimonials here.

  1. Location

Located just 3 minutes’ walk from Nottingham castle, the school is in a busy central location, surrounded by restaurants, shops and pubs. Including the UK’s oldest standing pubs, Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem. The address is 1 Royal Standard Place, Nottingham NG1 6FS and there is great public transport in Nottingham so you can find accommodation nearby or in a different area in the city and still be able to get to and from your classes and the central area easily. Choosing to study in Nottingham is also a great option if you plan on travelling around England as you will have easy access to may large metropolitan cities including London, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds and more.

  1. Types of classes

The Language Gallery offers a variety of classes to suit all English levels and learning needs. Some of our available courses include Academic English, General English, IELTS Preparation, English for Women, University Pathway Programmes and private classes for those who would prefer a one-on-one session to improve their language skills.

  1. Flexibility

Flexibility is an integral part to effective teaching – since we all learn and study in different ways. At The Language Gallery Nottingham, these are some of the practical ways we ensure flexibility for our students:

  • Weekly assessments to keep track of personal progress.
  • Regular tutorials with your teacher to discuss your development.
  • Personal learning goals are set.
  • Personalised progression, you can move to the next level or course when you are ready.
  • Teaching techniques that encourage independent learning and foster confidence in students.


So, you probably already know the best reasons to study English in the UK. If you are now looking for a specific city, these are some of the reasons why choosing The Language Gallery Nottingham is a great decision to enhance your English language skills as quickly and efficiently as possible. Give The Language Gallery a try, and see where our exceptional teaching skills and flexible, collaborative learning environments could take you!

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