Why Do International Students Choose to Study in Nottingham?

Based in the East Midlands, Nottingham is one of three cities in England where The Language Gallery is based. Nottingham is a great place to study, with a welcoming community of more than 60,000 students from around the world, there are many reasons why people choose to attend university or college here. Nottingham is a lively, cosmopolitan city with a variety of exciting attractions that draw international students to the city every year.

Nottingham is about 2 hours by train from London and Manchester, although it has much more affordable living costs than the larger cities in England. Being a slightly smaller city (by UK standards) international students enjoy the benefits of navigating their way around the city by foot and having close access to everything they need. With great train routes, there is still the opportunity to take day trips to other cities nearby if you fancy a bit of an adventure during your weekends or time off studying. 

There are many reasons why students choose to study in Nottingham including the education standards, the culture and history and the social life. Some of the main reasons students flock to Nottingham are:

  • History: The city has a great cultural and historic heritage behind its modern-day feel – from the story of Robin Hood to the 800+ year old local pub ‘Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem’, students have ample opportunities to soak up Nottingham’s great history.
  • Student life: Nottingham has a huge selection of things students can do for fun. There is something for everyone with friendly pubs, free museums, Wollaton Hall and Park with its herds of deer, Sherwood Forest, The Lace Market area filled with cocktail bars and nice restaurants, great shopping, cinemas, premier league football and more.
  • Top universities: Nottingham is home to some of the UK’s greatest language schools and universities. Students who study at The Language Gallery can benefit from our pathway programmes that support students progressing to higher education courses.
  • Affordability: Nottingham offers similar benefits to larger English cities and a cosmopolitan atmosphere, yet it is cheaper than places like London, so students get a higher quality of life.
  • Location: Nottingham offers great outdoor spaces for nature lovers. It is also around 100 miles from London and 30 miles from Sheffield with great transport routes for students who want to explore more of the country while studying.
  • Employability: For those who want to stay in the UK after they finish studying, Nottingham offers roles in industries including finance, logistics, hospitality as well as creative roles. If you complete a pathway programme, you will have the chance to move on to study at a local university.
  • Ample opportunities to get active: Nottingham has a rich sporting heritage, and was voted England's Home of Sport - batting away London and Manchester. With the world's third oldest Test Cricket venue in Trent Bridge - which regularly hosts England internationals - explosive T20 cricket, and historic football clubs, there's a lot for sports fans to enjoy. There's plenty of chance for you to get active yourself too.

Studying at The Language Gallery in Nottingham is a great way for students to accelerate their language skills, experience something new and immerse themselves in English culture. We offer high-quality language courses, accredited by The British Council, to suit all learning levels and language goals.

Nottingham Trent University 

One of The Language Gallery’s pathway partners is Nottingham Trent University, a highly-regarded global university with staff and students from over 160 countries. Trent University is known for being one of the most sustainable universities in the world and allows students the chance to engage in sustainability research and gain an education in sustainable development. NTU is a modern, reputable university and just one of the great universities in Nottingham. Our pathway programme is designed to allow international and EU students to prepare for a UK university at undergraduate or postgraduate level. Upon completion of a pathway course, students can progress to one of our university partners' degrees. See more of our university partners here.

Is Nottingham the right place for me to study English?

When you are choosing a location to study abroad, it is important to consider your personal wants and needs, specifically what you aim to get out of the experience. Do your research thoroughly so you have an understanding of the teaching quality of your chosen language school as well as what the city you plan on moving to has to offer you.  

If you are a lover of the outdoors and you choose to study in Nottingham, you would be able to visit the beautiful Peak District close by. If you wanted to experience the capital without living in a busy place, London is a short train ride away. Additionally, the city is famous for the legend of Robin Hood and is known as the City of Literature, so if you are a reading fanatic, your research may point you towards this city. 

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