Why Choose Us

Academic Success

Our aim is to make you be successful, in your job, at a UK university, or your life in general. Our friendly and helpful staff will support you in your journey. If you are going to university, our partner universities can give you the choices you need for your future plans.

To help you reach your goals, our courses are flexible. Students can move easily between any of the English language courses we offer, all with no extra fees charged.  You’ll receive:

  • Weekly assessments to help you understand your progress.
  • Regular tutorials with your teacher to discuss your development and set learning goals.
  • Personalised progression – moving to the next level or course as soon as you are ready
  • Teaching techniques that encourage independent learning and make you more confident. These are combined with the following highly effective techniques and approaches for the teaching of English:
    • Task Based Learning - Practical activities and tasks to help you develop and improve your language skills.
    • The Lexical Approach - Functional language and vocabulary for everyday life and real-life situations.
    • Guided Discovery - A teacher provides examples of a language item and helps the learners to find the rules themselves.

This communicative teaching approach is based on 50 years of academic research.

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Student Focus

Whilst studying with us, you will also benefit from:

  • A friendly atmosphere with free language activities and trips in the city every week so you can have fun and make friends quickly
  • Trips to tourist destinations outside of the city for weekends and holidays
  • Social activities - different things to do with your new friends every week
  • 24/7 on call staff - emergency telephone number given to all students
  • City-switch, meaning you can start your course in one city and finish it in another giving you the opportunity to discover more of the UK
  • Accommodation services
  • Airport transfers
  • Qualified and friendly teachers
  • First Aid and Welfare Officers on every site

Our Centre Locations

Our locations help you make the most of studying abroad. Our centres in London, Birmingham and Nottingham, help you to:

  • Experience the city centre culture – markets, festivals, cafes and free events 
  • Easily access  city landmarks and attractions
  • Public transport


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