Top 10 most beautiful English words

As you will know if you’re studying English as a second, third, or fourth language – there is a huge number of words that we can use to convey different meanings and ideas. Some of these words, admittedly, sound nicer than others.

In comparison to languages like Spanish and French, English isn’t generally regarded as a beautiful language. It is often perceived as complicated and harsher or uglier than the romantic-sounding languages. However, this doesn’t mean these words don’t exist! You may have come across some English words that you think sound particularly beautiful, or maybe that’s the reason why you’re reading this blog. We’ve defined a beautiful word as one that sounds or looks pleasant or brings to mind a beautiful visual image when we read it.  Familiarising yourself with these beautiful words will not only improve your writing, but expand your understanding of different words and concepts that exist in the English language.

If you enrol on an English language course, you will enhance your English vocabulary and in doing so, you will learn lots of beautiful words. When used appropriately, these words can impress your reader or the person you are talking with. The words we have listed below are unique and elicit positive feelings, they can introduce an element of creativity to your prose! We’ve offered examples of how each word can be used in a sentence. So, lets begin looking at some of the most beautiful words in English.

  1. Fairy tale

Meaning: A fairy tale is a children's story which is often fantastical or imaginative. There will usually be an element of magic or fiction to the story so it might not be very realistic. Although it has the word ‘fairy’ in it, a fairy tale doesn’t necessarily have to be about fairies and could be referring to a story about monsters, dragons, underwater creatures or real people!

Word class: Noun

Sentence example: My children love having stories read to them before they go to bed, their favourite type of story is a fairy tale.

  1. Magical

Meaning: By definition, this means relating to, using, or resembling magic. However, people often use it to talk about an experience that is rooted in reality. It doesn’t have to be directly linked to ‘magic’ as we traditionally think of it. It just means that something is so good it feels like it is magic.

Word class: Adjective

Sentence example: We had the most amazing time on our trip, it was magical!

  1. Epiphany

Meaning: If you have an epiphany, you will be having a moment of sudden realisation. If someone is stuck for a solution for a problem, they may have an ‘epiphany’ after thinking about it for a long time, which means they have had a great revelation.

Word class: Noun

Sentence example: After days and days of wondering how he would make enough money to buy his flight ticket, John had an epiphany. He knew exactly what he needed to do.

  1. Swirl

Meaning: A ‘swirl’ is a particular pattern, a twisting or spiralling design usually in a circle. We chose to include this as a beautiful word because not only does it sound pleasant, but it looks appealing to the eye too.

Word class: Noun

Sentence example: Her hair curled down her neck in swirls.

  1. Picturesque

Meaning: This word is used to describe something when it looks as beautiful as a picture. When we hear the word ‘picturesque’ it brings to mind a beautiful landscape, or an attractive scene in nature. The word is often used to describe quaint or charming scenes, for example, the countryside.

Word class: Adjective

Sentence example: We stayed in our friend’s holiday home in the highlands over the weekend. The location was beautiful, we woke up to picturesque views every morning.

  1. Serendipity

Meaning: The word ‘serendipity’ means something great that happens by chance or without planning, it can often be used in a similar way as saying something happened by fate. The word was coined by writer Horace Walpole in the 1700s, based on a Persian fairy tale about explorers who discovered amazing things by accident.

Word class: Noun

Sentence example: The day my car broke down and I had to get the bus to work is the day I met the love of my life. It was pure serendipity!

  1. Aura

Meaning: This word is used to describe a specific atmosphere, quality or feeling that is associate with a person, thing, or place.

Word class: Noun

Sentence example: ‘I liked her! She had a great aura about her.’

  1. Nirvana

Meaning: Deriving from Buddhism, nirvana is a transcendent state where there is no sense of self and no suffering or desire. The person who is in a state of nirvana subject is free from the karmic effects and the cycle of death and rebirth. Nirvana is the final goal of Buddhism. You may have also heard the word in reference to Kurt Cobain and the rock band Nirvana.

Word class: Noun

Sentence example: We were expecting pure peace – nirvana, yet we are experiencing chaos.

  1. Ethereal

Meaning: When you describe something as ‘ethereal’ it means you think something holds exquisite beauty. It is often used to describe a beauty that is delicate and light in a way that makes it appear as though it is out of this world.

Word class: Adjective

Sentence example: I was mesmerised by their ethereal beauty. One particular person had an ethereal glow about them and I couldn’t look away.

  1. Iridescent

Meaning: Iridescent is a multicoloured appearance, where something has luminous colours that change when looked at from different angles.

Word class: Adjective

Sentence example: The iridescent moon was shining bright in the sky and I felt at once in awe and fully at peace.

So, these are some of what we believe to be the most beautiful words in the English language. Do any words come to mind that we have missed? As you move further through your English language course and become more familiar with the language, you will pick up a wider vocabulary and discover words that you think sound or feel beautiful.

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