10 insane rules royals must obey


10 insane rules royals must obey


The British monarchy is one surrounded by mystery and intrigue. As a family with a history lasting hundreds of years and spanning across continents, learn more about them here in our quirky post.


1) When the queen finishes, you finish – after the queen has devoured the last bite of her meal, everyone at the table must also stop eating and finish.

2) No politics at the table please – did you know, royals cannot vote and nor are they permitted to air their political views in public.

3) No casual dressing – the royals must adhere to a modest and formal dress code at all times.

4) Mark of respect – when the queen is around, male members of the household must bow, whilst females must curtsey.

5) Changing of titles – when a royal member is married, their official title is changed.

6) No presents on Christmas Day – unlike most families, British royals open their presents on Christmas Eve at tea time.

7) Never show your back – members mustn’t turn their backs to the queen, which is why she is always the first to exit a room.

8) Sit gracefully – female members of the clan must sit with legs crossed – either at the knees or ankles.

9) No licence required – the queen is the only person in the entire UK who is allowed to drive without a licence.

10) Walk behind me – Prince Phillip must always walk a few steps behind his wife at all times.


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