Many people begin learning a foreign language in their school years, with the most popular in the UK being French, Spanish, and German. There is no end to the benefits that you can gain by learning a new language – studies have shown it can even be good for your health, keeping dementia at bay.


German is one of the most valuable languages you can pick up. Many people learn the language for recreational reasons, Germany is a beautiful country with much to offer, whether for a holiday or to live permanently. Other German-speaking countries like Austria and Belgium also have fantastic sights to see and cities to explore.


Being able to speak German can also greatly help you out with your career prospects. Germany has a thriving economy, with endless professional opportunities.  


Global outlook


In today’s increasingly globalised world, learning another language can make the difference between being picked for a job or losing out. Companies will look to the fact you can speak German as a great asset to their organisation.

Many businesses have links abroad and being able to speak German can come in handy, it could also mean you’re their go-to for any events that might come up in a German speaking country.


Impress employers


Being able to discuss time spent in another country will look impressive to potential employers. It demonstrates that you are someone that is a good learner, able to adjust to different cultures and customs, and are willing to go out of your comfort zone.

Germans are well-known for their prompt and efficient attitude towards work – if you have worked in Germany, employers are sure to take this as a demonstration of a professional attitude.


Job opportunities


The economy in Germany is thriving, and top companies are always on the lookout for qualified and intelligent people to join their organisations. It is unlikely that you will feel underpaid or overworked in Germany, letting you attain a high quality of life and a good work/life balance.

Companies in Germany will be impressed by someone that isn’t native to the country but has made an effort to learn their language, often being chosen over someone that lacks these skills.


Broaden your horizons


German is the language of great poets and thinkers, and learning it opens up opportunities to read these texts in the language they were originally written in. Broadening your cultural horizons and gaining access to the depth of knowledge that comes with learning German will not only help you discover more about yourself, but connect with others too.

This can be a great asset if you spend time in Germany and are interested in mingling with the locals, opening up networking opportunities that can help you professionally as well.


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