New Pre-Sessional Pathway Partner

The Language Gallery is pleased to announce a new partnership with the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol).

The Language Gallery’s Pre-sessional course is now recognised by UWE as meeting their English requirements and so there is no need for any additional test such as IELTS.

The Pre-sessional course offers students alternative assessment that includes coursework and better preparation for university life than other ‘one-day’ tests.

About UWE
  • Ranked number 21 in the UK in the Guardian ranking
  • Ranked number 2 in the UK for Education
  • Listed on Saudi MOE for:
    • Bachelor: Medical & Health, Engineering, Business, Computing
    • Masters: Medical & Health, Engineering, Computing
  • Listed on Kuwait MOHE for:
    • Bachelor: Business, Medical & Health, Sciences, Engineering, Media, Law
    • Masters: Art, Building, Media, Forensic Science, Occupational Therapy

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