The Language Gallery partners with Birmingham City University for University Pathway Programme

Birmingham City University

London, 9 May 2018 – The Language Gallery (TLG) has recently signed an agreement with Birmingham City University for a new partnership within its University Pathway Programme (UPP)

This collaboration will allow TLG students participating in the UPP to apply for a degree at Birmingham City University without taking an IELTS test. The pre-sessional course is created to provide students with an opportunity to develop the necessary academic language and skills for successful application.

Birmingham City University is the fifth UK university to become TLG’s partner for delivering the UPP. Earlier this year similar agreements were signed with the University of Chester, De Montfort University and Anglia Ruskin University, with Bangor University signing 2016.

Simon Power, Managing Director at The Language Gallery, said: “This partnership represents a great opportunity for our students. The universities we collaborate with recognise the UPP as a great academic foundation for the students’ progression to a university course in English. The students journey is made simple, they transition from learning English to developing the academic skills and knowledge necessary for university life, and then finally progress to the university itself.

“With Birmingham City University joining our network, TLG students will have even more chances to access quality education in the UK and proceed to build their careers in the global market.”

TLG also offers a University Pathway Programme in Berlin and Hannover, and also in Vancouver and Toronto, where TLG has a partnership with Toronto School of Management.


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