The Language Gallery gains accreditation for Bildungsurlaub 

Tlg Accreditation

London, 18 September 2017 - The Language Gallery (TLG) has received accreditation for Bildungsurlaub – another step forward for the school looking to further expand its potential and outreach. The accreditation will open new opportunities for German students, who will now be able to study with TLG in a number of locations worldwide.

This accreditation means that TLG can now accept students from Germany, based on a scheme where professionals are granted up to 5 days per year to study and improve their skills. Bildungsurlaub is the legally recognized claim of employees on exemption from work for the purpose of professional training.

“In Germany, the institution of Bildungsurlaub allows employees from different sectors to apply for selected courses with TLG in one of its schools in the UK, Ireland or Canada,” explains Mariana Almeida, TLG’s Business Development Manager for Europe. “Language courses have become a popular option for Bildungsurlaub as it allows employees to travel and advance their foreign language skills at a professional level.”

For more information and how to apply get in touch with the TLG Team.


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