Guidelines and Policies

Conduct Guidelines (language courses)

Our Guidelines & Policies are there to ensure that you have the best experience possible during your English language studies at The Language Gallery. They clearly set out what you should expect from the school and what responsibilities you have while studying with us.

The downloads below lay out the rules and regulations that apply to all of our English language students and which are put in place to help you make the best of both your studies and your time in the city of your choice. They also cover topics such as our policies relating to holidays, lateness, attendance, scheduling of classes and student exclusion.

Complaint Procedure

Find out all information in this PDF.


Attendance Policy

Find out all information in this PDF.


Student Code of Conduct

Rules & regulations for TLG students.


Most students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland will need a student visa to study in the UK.
Application forms and advice about the visa process are available from or your local British Council office. Please note that some countries have different procedures for visa applications, please see the estimated processing time here:

Your visa type depends on your circumstances.  Go to the UK Visas and Immigration website for more information.

Non-EEA & non-Swiss Students

The Home Office classifies non-EEA or non-Swiss students as either:

  • Visa Nationals
  • Non-Visa Nationals

All Visa Nationals must apply for a visa as a student before they come to the UK, whatever the length of the course. For Non-Visa Nationals who are coming for a course of six months or less, we recommend that you apply for an entry clearance before leaving your home country. However, it is possible to apply for permission to enter and stay in the UK when you arrive here. If you are studying for more than six months, you must apply for a visa to the UK before leaving your home country.

To apply for a Study Visa you will need to provide:

  • A completed Short-Term Study Visa application form which is available from the UK Visas and Immigration website:
  • An original unconditional enrolment letter from the Language Gallery.
  • Proof that you have the money on your personal account available to pay course fees and living expenses while you are in the UK.


Experience the UK and meet people from all over the world as you learn English. At our Birmingham and London schools, we offer the same quality tuition and student support to 16- and 17-year-olds as we offer to our adult students. The Language Gallery is committed to promoting the welfare of all our students and safeguarding all our students aged 16 and 17 years old. Our staff are trained in safeguarding and take a proactive rather than reactive approach to make sure our students have a safe and happy time in the UK. 

The Language Gallery works hard to give all our students a positive experience in the school and city they choose to study. Our staff show an additional duty of care for all our students who are legally minors in the UK. As all our students are enrolled on adult courses we do not take the place of the students’ parents / guardians so parents should know that students at The Language Gallery are unsupervised outside of the school. All parents must sign a Parental Consent Form and Code of Conduct for 16- & 17-year-olds at the time of application.


The Language Gallery expects all our students aged 16 and 17 years old to:

  • Behave in a mature manner outside the school as well as at the school 
  • Attend all their classes and sign in and out at reception
  • Obey UK law, including those specific to the legal age of majority
  • Adhere to a 10 PM curfew

The Language Gallery will provide the following:

  • A safeguarding policy for all staff, parents and homestay hosts
  • Staff in regular contact with students aged 16 and 17 years old and homestay hosts who are DBS checked and vetted for suitability
  • Appropriate support, training and guidance
  • Designated safeguarding staff to ensure students have all the support they need

We organise accommodation, and a varied social programme. By participating in the social programme, students will be introduced to the very best the UK has to offer, visiting famous historical sites, cultural attractions and sporting venues. These activities and trips will allow students to socialise with classmates, discover English culture and practise their language skills. The social programme offers a range of free and paid for activities (ranging from £0-£15). To participate in the social programme all students aged 16 and 17 years old must have parental consent. 

Both our activities calendar and our courses consider the educational and personal needs of students aged 16 and 17. That's why our accommodation services provide you with conveniently located accommodation, meals and airport transfers. 


Necessary conduct information for 16-17 year old students and parents.


Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Policy

The Language Gallery's safeguarding and welfare policy of all students aged 16 and 17 and adults at risk studying at our UK schools.


Frequently Asked Questions

We use various integrated teaching methods at The Language Gallery, including task-based learning and a communicative approach. All classes are learner-centred, stimulating and encourage students to develop their communication skills, whilst equipping them with the grammar and vocabulary needed to improve their language level. They will benefit from 15, 19 or 21 hours of class time per week, and have plenty of opportunities to practise their English in real-life situations. Optional leisure activities, accompanied by teachers or a guide, allow important interaction with other students and native English speakers.

All of our teachers must, as a minimum requirement, have the internationally recognised Certificate of Teaching English (CELTA) qualification. Many of our teachers also have a DELTA, which is a postgraduate-level qualification in English language teaching. All of our teachers must have a minimum of one years' teaching experience, and many of them have over five years' experience. We perform rigorous background checks on all new staff and all new employees are also required to produce a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) certificate where relevant.

On your first day, our academic team will meet with you and you will do a test so we can make sure we put you in the right class. 

You will do a level test on your first day and then you will have weekly tests to monitor your progress during your time with us. You'll also be able to chat to your teacher about your progress during tutorials. 

You can study for as long as you like or need to reach your goals. It normally takes 8-12 weeks to progress to the next level. 

The Language Gallery has a legal duty of care for all students aged under 18 years old during their given class times. Students aged 16 to 17 are not supervised outside of class times unless they are participating in an event or excursion with The Language Gallery. The Attendance Policy is highlighted on the students’ first day induction. We have designated members of staff who are responsible for the welfare of all students and help them fix any problems. Students will be issued with a 24-hour emergency contact number, which is also available to parents and legal guardians.

The Language Gallery has regular health and safety checks. Each campus has designated Welfare Officers that can help with any specific questions.

Students will be with a responsible member of staff for all optional extra activities. External activities are normally accompanied. All trips are organised by The Language Gallery are carefully planned to ensure that they are both safe, risk assessed and enjoyable.

The Language Gallery has a clear code of conduct which is read and signed by all all students on their first day.

All schools have water available and most schools have basic kitchen facilities available. All school are centrally located and close to shops and cafés. Students can also eat their own food in student areas.

The Language Gallery can help you find a place to live, we have homestay and residences available. You can also find accommodation privately, if you would like more information on this, please ask when you book your course.

If you book homestay accommodation with The Language Gallery, we try to make sure that students who speak the same language are not placed in the same homestay accommodation. But, when it is very busy, for example in July and August, this may not be possible.

Yes, you will be given a single room, but if you want to share with a friend of the same sex, please ask when you book.

All rooms are furnished with a bed and a wardrobe, You will have a desk and a chair available for study, this might be in your room or in a shared space with your host family. You will be provided with bed sheets (changed every week) and the use of a washing machine (or your clothes will be washed for you).

If you choose homestay accommodation, you can choose bed & Breakfast (breakfast only) or Half-Board (breakfast and dinner included). If you have any dietary requirements or special requests, please tell us at the time of booking.

Haven’t found the answer you are looking for? Enquire now and we will happily answer any questions you may have.

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