Homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation gives you an excellent opportunity to explore British culture while also improving your English language skills. Hosts treat the student as full member of the household eating together and sharing the common living areas, no more than four students are accommodated in homestay at any one time.

The provision of homestay accommodation is outsourced to specialised agencies that are registered with the British Council. These agencies have high standards and their main concern is to provide you with a comfortable, clean and safe environment while you are away from home.

Homestays are typically based in residential areas of the cities and will vary in cost according to the city you choose. The cities are all large, multicultural and extremely cosmopolitan cities and this is reflected in the homestay selection. What they all have in common is that English is the main spoken language at home, giving you the opportunity to practise the language!


  • Single or twin** rooms available
  • Bed linen included
  • Laundry included (some hosts will have a laundry day, others will show you how to use the facilities)
  • Average of 30-60 minutes travel time

**Twin rooms can be booked when two students book together and want to stay together for the entire duration of their stay.


Self Catering

This option gives you maximum freedom and an independent lifestyle while living in a domestic environment. You can prepare your own meals in agreement with the household schedule and you will have space to store your food.

Bed & Breakfast (B&B)

‘B&B’ allows you to be independent while taking advantage of the opportunity to practise your English through interacting with others. A continental breakfast (normally cereal or toast, tea or coffee and juice) will be provided by your homestay host. Your host may ask you to help yourself. There is ‘light’ access to the kitchen only. This means you may use the kitchen to make a light meal, for example, a sandwich or salad, and possibly use the microwave. However, there is no access to the cooker or oven to prepare meals.

Half Board*

A continental breakfast and an evening meal will be provided by your homestay host but they may ask you to help yourself to breakfast. You will have more contact with the host as you share dinner together, meaning more opportunity to practise your English skills. Half board includes a continental breakfast and a cooked dinner which provides a balanced diet. There is no access to the kitchen facilities but you may be able to make a hot drink.
*Dietary requirements must be specified at the time of booking and may result in additional charges.


Dinning area in room


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