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Homestay is an extremely popular accommodation choice for our overseas students. Opting for a homestay allows you to learn about the British way of life while practising your English within a domestic environment. Our external providers homestay accommodation is managed by British Council registered agencies. The homestays that we use meet the requirements set out by the British Council, giving you a safe enviroment while you are away from home.

Homestay hosts are situated in residential areas around Birmingham city and neighbouring towns, around 45 minutes commute from the school. You will be regarded as a member of the household and will need to follow the house rules.

As the UK's second largest city, Birmingham is a diverse, cosmopolitan melting pot of cultures. The range of homestay hosts demonstrates this cultural richness. English is the primary language spoken in the home. All of these accommodation options are sourced through external accommodation providers.


Bed & Breakfast

Location varies
£155 - £165 per week

Half Board

Location varies
£185 - £195 per week

Hall of Residence

The Heights

The Heights

17 minute walk from TLG
£180 per week

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