With our wide range of quality language programmes, we offer a world of study and career opportunities. We also provide a great social experience and multiple accommodation options.

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The Language Gallery

TLG aims to meet the needs of students worldwide with our innovative, career-focused approach to tuition and dedication to a high-quality student experience.


General English

TLG’s General English programme will help you become fluent in English, covering all four key communication skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

You will also improve your English grammar, expand your vocabulary, and learn more about pronunciation.

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General German

We offer both evening courses and one-to-one classes to help you learn German, particularly how to speak the language fluently. All of our tutors are native speakers, so you can be assured that they can help you become an expert in the German language.
No matter what level you begin at, we can help you become more confident using German in everyday situations.
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Academic English

Our Academic English classes will help you improve important skills like summarising, referencing, note-taking, research and critical thinking. 

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University Access Programme

This course will help you to succeed on a course at a UK university, focusing on topics like referencing, avoiding plagiarism, research methods, and critical thinking.
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University Pathway Programme

TLG’s University Pathway Programme, based exclusively in Canada, will prepare you for academic life in an English-speaking environment in our partner universities and colleges.
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Conversation & Pronunciaton

Our elective classes are optional extra lessons on a range of subjects. They will build on the language skills that you already have and improve your chances of passing your tests, as well as your career prospects. You can add up to three classes to your main course.
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IELTS (the International English Language Testing System) is a globally recognised English language qualification, approved by the UKBA and recognised by all UK universities.

Our IELTS course is designed to meet your individual needs and requirements to help you pass the IELTS exam.


TOEFL Preparation

At TLG, we will focus on the key exam skills and strategies with regular practice tests to help you prepare you for the TOEFL exam, as well as improving your academic English.
You can study for your TOEFL exam alongside another core course, or with up to three elective classes.

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Cambridge Exam Preparation

We will prepare you for all sections of the test, with plenty of practice exams and tips on strategy, and you can take elective classes to strengthen any areas which you are less confident about. 

These qualifications will demonstrate your ability in professional, academic, and general English to future employers and admissions teams, so making sure you have a good score is essential.

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IELTS Preparation

We have a proven track record of delivering excellent results with our IELTS exam preparation.

You can start studying Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced courses with us at any time during the year, as IELTS exam dates can be up to four times a month. You can also take up to three elective classes for individual skills to make sure you pass your IELTS exam.

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Social Programme

At The Language Gallery, we offer a huge range of activities for students to take part in. We offer careers guidance, social events, and clubs where you can meet other students and improve your language skills at the same time.
We often invite guest speakers to visit our campuses and talk to students, giving you the chance to find out what’s happening in the business world and learn about potential career opportunities.
Wherever you go, you definitely won’t be bored! 


We provide a variety of accommodation for our students, including:
• Halls of Residence
• Homestay
• Flat Shares
• Studio Apartments
• Hostels






"The Language Gallery is excellent, such a fantastic experience." Manuel Agudelo, Colombia, General English

“At TLG I got to know people from several cultures and I was able to share experiences with them.” Juliana, student from Brazil