Social Programme

Manchester’s social programme includes a diverse selection of events, outings and excursions that help you enhance your English language skills. They allow you to interact with your classmates, network and make friends in an enjoyable, English-speaking environment. The programme includes in-centre activities, theatre, museum and gallery visits, sporting fixtures and trips to attractions and destinations outside the city. Prices vary - some activities are free, but other excursions/events in and around Manchester and the UK range from £2 to £59.


SMART Learning

With SMART Learning, the whole school studies a similar topic every week.  That means everybody has something to talk about, no matter their level of English. You will make faster progress in our free activities in addition to your lessons. You will also make more friends in the school, not just with other students from your level, and together you can experience the UK on our social events.

At The Language Gallery we care about your learning and social experience, so be part of our community, come and be a SMART Learner!




Our SMART Trips allow students to have great social experiences and enjoy world-famous destinations while putting their oral language skills into practice. Our Manchester SMART Trips, as part of our social programmes, allow you to see the great galleries, museums and sites of Manchester. Trips outside of Manchester include going to local cities like London, Cambridge and Liverpool.



Nights Out

Enjoying a night out in Manchester with friends and classmates lets you learn while experiencing an exciting side to the city. Meeting and interacting with people in English will boost your confidence, making you more comfortable with the language. 


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