Social Programme

Enjoy the diverse array of attractions on offer in London and beyond. You and your classmates can enjoy a range of trips, outings, events and all other things that London has to offer all the time while practising your English.  Prices vary - some activities are free but most events/excursions will cost between £5 and £50.

SMART Learning

SMART Learning

With SMART Learning, the whole school studies a similar topic every week.  That means everybody has something to talk about, no matter their level of English. You will make faster progress in our free activities in addition to your lessons. You will also make more friends in the school, not just from your level, and together you can experience the UK on our social events.

At The Language Gallery we care about your learning and social experience, so be part of our community, come and be a SMART Learner!





Put what you learn in the classroom, into real life practise on our SMART Trips around the city where you can explore famous sites, places of interest, galleries, museums and more. Most SMART Trips are free.




Want to travel further? Other trip packages allow you to see the rest of the UK, including Stonehenge, Manchester and Scotland. There are even trips to continental Europe to locations like Belgium, France, Holland and Germany. Prices vary from approx £25-£225+



Nights Out

A night out in London is a great way to discover a new side to the historic city. You will have the chance to meet and interact with people in English in an exciting yet casual environment. We can help you plan your night out and working with partners you may even be able to buy the ticket from us. Prices vary  from approx £5-£25



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