IELTS speaking test tips

08 September, 2016
James Burt

Many students think that the IELTS speaking test is either too easy if they speak well or too difficult if they aren’t confident speakers. The truth is that it’s just another portion of the IELTS exam that can be challenging but, with some helpful tips, possible to be successful on. 

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A potted history of London

06 September, 2016
Erin O'Neill

England’s capital city has a rich and fascinating history – from its humble beginnings as the Roman settlement of Londinium to the sprawling metropolis we know it as today. Having stood the test of time through wars, fires and plagues, London has been host to many dramatic events that have shaped not just the city, but the whole of the UK.

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A guide to Canadian slang terms

31 August, 2016
James Burt

If you think that the only Canadian slang words are ‘Eh?’ and ‘Rippin’ it’ spoken with a slight Quebecois accent, you’re only hitting the tip of the Canadian slang iceberg. Canadian English is rife with slang words unique to its great environment, and students can use them within many social contexts. 

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