03 November, 2017 TIPS AND VOCABULARY Erin O'Neill


Looking for some guidance with your English? Here are some useful suggestions from our teaching team in Birmingham.

1. Realise the virtue of completing tasks

Show me the student who has completed every part of a textbook, learned every item in the vocabulary lists, completed all the free activities, and still has not improved – it will be difficult!

The fact is that, as students, we often don’t complete things; yet we wonder why we aren’t improving. So, don’t think about your progress in the abstract. For example, don’t think about how long you have been studying and simply concentrate on the material in front of you.

Work on it, complete it, and then begin the next task. You’ll certainly improve if you work with this mind-set.

 2. Do something you enjoy

Do something you enjoy such as watching films, reading, or listening to music. If something doesn’t appeal to you, you are less likely to do it in your free time or remember what you’ve learnt.

 3. Use a wide variety of resources

Variety is the spice of life! Nowadays, we have access to the internet along with the traditional textbook and work books, so there are a million different things you can do to practise your English outside of the classroom.

Ask your teacher for a list of their recommendations for websites or books that would suit your taste and learning style.

 4. English immersion

If you’re lucky enough to be living or staying in a place where the language you’re learning is spoken, develop your listening skills by trying to tune in to conversations going on around you. 

What are the people on the bus chatting about? Do they seem to be agreeing with one another? Listening in on chats like this will give you exposure to natural everyday speech.

So, take off those headphones and listen to what the world around you is talking about. One word of warning though - people don’t tend to like strangers listening in on their conversations, so you’ll need to be subtle!

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