Tips and Vocabulary page one

English Teachers - small

Tips for improving your English from TLG Birmingham teachers

03 November, 2017 Tips and Vocabulary Erin O'Neill

Looking for some guidance with your English? Here are some useful suggestions from our teaching team in Birmingham.

Top five Languages learning tips

Top 5 language learning tips

13 October, 2017 Tips and Vocabulary Erin O'Neill

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to learning a new language. Do you pick up a study book or a dictionary? Do you hire a private tutor or attend a class? There are many different ways to approach language learning, and it is important that you find the method that works best for you. 

Football idioms - small

Football idioms used in the English language

17 August, 2017 Tips and Vocabulary Erin O'Neill

Football (or soccer for our non-British readers) is so popular in the UK that words and phrases associated with the game have made their way into popular speech.

Tennis vocabulary - small

Tennis vocabulary and how to use it

13 July, 2017 Tips and Vocabulary Erin O'Neill

Tennis is a popular sport in the UK, and has been intertwined with British culture since 1877, when England hosted the first Wimbledon championship. Tourists, as well as sports lovers flock from all around the world to watch the games unfold.

FCE exam listening tips - small

How to prepare for the FCE exam: listening tips

31 May, 2017 Tips and Vocabulary TLG Team

Getting a good score on the FCE listening paper requires a lot of time and practice. A good level of English (B2), combined with effective exam strategies and techniques, will help you to complete the listening paper successfully. 

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