Self-isolation in 7 easy steps

How to handle self-isolation in 7 easy steps! 

Student with teacher

So, you’ve arrived in the UK for your Language Gallery course. However, depending on which country you came from, you might need to self-isolate for 14 days before starting your course. This means you can’t leave your accommodation. Self-isolation is difficult but luckily we’re here to help you with our simple guide to self-isolation: 

  1. Be Ready 

You won’t be able to go outside, so you can’t go to the shop or the pharmacy. So think about how you’ll get food and medicine. If you live with someone else who can go out, ask if they can get some shopping for you. If you live alone, most British supermarkets will do online delivery for a small fee 

  1. Be there 

Talking to friends and family is always important – social connections are good for our health, and the people around us can spot when something’s wrong. Try to have a regular time to talk to someone: for example, I talk to my friends every Wednesday evening 

  1. Be busy 

Of course, you’re in the UK for a reason… to learn English! If you’re self-isolating before a course, you’re probably on one of our online courses, so please make sure to log in before 9:00 every day. You’ll learn lots of English and you’ll get to speak to other people – result! When you’re not learning English, try to find something you enjoy doing – so you could read, or paint, or even just play video games 

  1. …. But not too busy! 

Staying indoors all day with nothing much to do, it’s probably tempting to work all day… but it’s also really important you have some time to rest. If you start to find things difficult on your own, stop what you’re doing and try some simple relaxation techniques 

  1. Be active 

You might not be able to go outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Exercise is really important of our mental health because it stimulates the brain, and releases endorphins, a chemical that creates the feeling of pleasure. Try to exercise regularly, at the same time every day. 

  1. Be asleep 

When you’re inside all day, its really easy to forget to sleep. Good “sleep hygiene” is very important – it means we have a regular schedule and get enough rest for the day. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day   

  1. Be heard 

Self-isolation can be really difficult, and that’s a very normal way to feel. Everyone will have different experiences with the pandemic, and if you need some help, you can contact TLG’s welfare officers, we're available and here to listen.

If you’re in Birmingham you can also talk to local charities such as Mind ( and Forward thinking (

If you're in Nottingham you can talk to Mind ( 

For more information about our One-to-One online classes click here.
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