Language learning and the brain

15 December, 2016
Char Willis-Jones

Have you ever wondered why learning a new language becomes more of a challenge as we get older? Tiny babies seem to learn how to speak without even trying, whilst as adults, we struggle with new forms of grammar, vocabulary and writing. It turns out that humans are hardwired for language learning, but our brains both help and hinder the process.

How to improve your English skills in London

02 December, 2016
Erin O'Neill

If you’re a new resident to England’s dynamic capital city, you might not realise just how many different resources there are in London that can help you to improve your English language skills. By living in an English city surrounded by native speakers you have already taken the first step in improving your language skills. 

A guide to Canadian slang terms

31 August, 2016
James Burt

If you think that the only Canadian slang words are ‘Eh?’ and ‘Rippin’ it’ spoken with a slight Quebecois accent, you’re only hitting the tip of the Canadian slang iceberg. Canadian English is rife with slang words unique to its great environment, and students can use them within many social contexts. 

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