TLG meets Korean Billy


TLG meets Korean Billy


This Tuesday March 14, the TLG team met popular YouTuber Korean Billy.

Billy, from South Korea, whose real name is Seong-Jae Kong, garnered a huge following online for his videos imitating various regional UK accents. These include the dialects of Liverpool, Bristol, London and more.

The TLG team met up with Billy at Leicester Square in central London to film a video collaboration exploring the public’s awareness of Cockney rhyming slang.

Cockney rhyming slang is a type of slang that originated in London’s East End, where words are replaced by phrases that they rhyme with. You might have heard some of the more popular terms, like apples and pears for stairs, or dog and bone for phone.

Once Billy and the team had established the best place to film, they were all briefed on the plan, and at 15:15 Billy began filming. Both the TLG team and Billy found some members of the public, who volunteered to take part in the video.

Billy asked the volunteers how much Cockney rhyming slang they really knew. Limited Cockney rhyming slang was known to the public, but they got there in the end with a little help from Billy. We even spoke to Jimmy Thomas, owner of the famous Hippodrome Casino.

Billy then went on to give out some helpful tips to all language students, saying: “If I was to give a tip to language students wherever they are based in the world, I would say study hard, immerse yourself in your studies and, above all, have fun!”

To end the video, Billy announced a treat for two lucky viewers, on behalf of TLG. Keep an eye on our social media accounts and Billy’s channel for the full video, coming soon. 

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