Learning a second language – why not?


Learn second language


Being bilingual makes you smarter – PSYCHOLOGISTS HAVE CONFIRMED. Not only is learning a language about boosting your CV and increasing your chances of finding a better job, but it is also a great way to challenge your brain and improve its functionality.

As it turns out, the brain of bilingual people operates differently than single-language speakers. This mainly has to do with multitasking, an exercise that is said to make people smarter and more efficient. Learning a new language can help you strengthen your ‘mental muscle’, by improving your memory and become more perceptive to the world around you.



The process of learning a foreign language is not easy, but extremely worth it in the long run. It draws your attention to how languages really work, in terms of grammar and sentence structure. In addition, it forces you to gain an outsider’s perspective about your own culture. As languages and cultures are intimately linked, learn a new language in a foreign country and you’ll suddenly understand a lot more about its culture. And your own!



Learning a new language can give you plenty of options for your education and future career. Speaking fluent German or Spanish, for instance, becomes a must-have skill if you are looking to study in another country for a period of time or to permanently move. Relocating is, in fact, a great way to improve your speaking skills. However, it is always better to gain a basic knowledge of the language, before completely immersing in it.



Foreign languages make travelling more interesting and provide you with an all-round experience of the place you intend to visit. You will be able to read between the lines and you will unlock all the little secrets, the dialects of the people and everything else that builds up a culture. Imagine going to Germany and actually being able to order a cup of coffee in German. Not only will local people appreciate your effort, but chances are that they will also be nicer to you and give you tips and directions on the best places to visit in town. You will leave the coffee shop feeling happier and refreshed. And hopefully you will have made new friends…



It has been proven by science that learning a new language increases self-control, the ability to focus on tasks, as well as memory and other cognitive functions. With the knowledge of a new language, you will find yourself constantly having to switch between one language and the other, carefully selecting the words to be used and planning the correct order of a sentence. At first, you will be speaking slowly, but after a while, you will naturally become fluent and that is going to be the best feeling of all.


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