How to improve your English skills in London

02 December, 2016 Languages Erin O'Neill

Improve your English skills in London


If you’re a new resident to England’s dynamic capital city, you might not realise just how many different resources there are in London that can help you to improve your English language skills. By living in an English city surrounded by native speakers you have already taken the first step in improving your language skills. Living in London will enable you to become familiar with the language, including the various slang, accents and vocabulary that is harder to learn in a classroom.



It might sound obvious, but something as easy as making friends will help you to pick up new words and phrases. Try to get to know native speakers, these could be people who are living nearby, or if you take up a job while you’re in the city, work colleagues. Ask them to correct you if you use any words or phrases in the wrong way, and when you hear new vocabulary, write it down and look through your notes later.



London has clubs and hobby groups to suit any kind of activity. You might be interested in arts and crafts, or learning how to cook – undoubtedly there will be a group in London that you can join to learn how to do these things. Attending these kinds of events will help you to meet people with similar interests to you, encouraging you to socialise and make friends in the city. This will not only help you to develop your language skills, but will also be fun.  



A language exchange is an effective way to boost your English skills whilst helping someone else out at the same time. The idea is that two or more people who speak different languages come together to practice each other’s language. For example, an English speaker who is learning German can arrange a language exchange with a German speaker who is learning English. There are many opportunities to join a language exchange around London, you could start by looking on the popular website MEETUP.



There are a variety of attractions around London for people to learn more about the city. Visiting the museums and art galleries will not only help you to learn more about English culture, but will also improve your reading and listening skills. Many of these places offer guided or audio tours, alongside information packs, in a variety of languages. From the British museum, to the Sherlock Holmes museum, there’s plenty of choice. Best of all, most of the museums and galleries in London are free.



From evening classes, to full-time courses, you’re sure to be able to find an English course that suits you somewhere in the city. Whether you’re interested in getting help to pass your IELTS test, or want to brush up on your English language skills for a specific purpose, there’s a language course that will be able to offer you the service you’re after.


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