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Potted history of London - small

A potted history of London

06 September, 2016 History Erin O'Neill

England’s capital city has a rich and fascinating history – from its humble beginnings as the Roman settlement of Londinium to the sprawling metropolis we know it as today. Having stood the test of time through wars, fires and plagues, London has been host to many dramatic events that have shaped not just the city, but the whole of the UK.

A Scene from a Christmas Carol - small

Great volumes of work: Writer Charles Dickens’ many contributions to the English language

30 June, 2016 History James Burt

Widely influential even almost 150 years after his death, Charles Dickens contributed widely to literature, language, and English culture. 

Sir Isaac newton - small

Gravity's Rainbow: Sir Isaac Newton's Many Great Achievements

15 June, 2016 History James Burt

British scientist Sir Isaac Newton’s contributions were many, from mathematics to science to language. 

William Shakespeare - small

The superstar of the English language: William Shakespeare

11 May, 2016 History James Burt

He’s been revered throughout the centuries as an English language master, and for good reason: William Shakespeare created many of the words that we still use today. 

History of the English language - small

A short history of the English language 

22 April, 2016 History James Burt

English is undoubtedly one of the world’s most complex languages, and often difficult for students to master. However, some insight into its history can help students understand its complexities and give them an appreciation for it.   

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