Pic: Yeon Jin Chung


TLG competition winner Yeon Jin Chung, a.k.a Rosie, has had a busy second week in London. Making the most of her four-week stay, Rosie has been visiting many places around the city, wanting to experience everything that it has to offer.


“The museums and galleries in London are fantastic, I have been able to see paintings by Monet and Van Gogh in the National Gallery. I have never had the chance to see these kinds of famous paintings before – it is amazing!” she said.


The British capital has a fascinating history, and the various museums and monuments around the city offer many opportunities to learn all about it. Rosie has an interest in finding out more about the history of England, and the role it played on the world stage. “I visited the Royal Air Force museum, it was incredible. I learnt a lot about British history, finding out about the wars that the planes had been involved in made me feel emotional, but it is important to learn about.”


Rosie explored the famous Chinatown, and walked around the centre of the city, passing through places like Piccadilly Circus and the West End – home of London’s theatre district. “The theatre buildings are all so beautiful, they look so cultural and grand, it is nice just admiring the architecture.” Rosie is also keen to see a show: “I really want to see a musical while I’m here, I am thinking about getting tickets to see Les Misérables!” she said.


Getting into the British spirit, Rosie cooked some traditional English food – pigs in blankets – which turned out very well. “The British food I have tried is sensational! I have tasted scotch eggs and steak pie, and I am going to try a roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings. It is very different to the food I usually have in Korea.” Wanting to spend some of her time in London like a local, Rosie visited a pub in North London, away from the tourist hustle-and-bustle of the centre. “I drank London Pride beer! I feel like I really experienced an authentic British evening.”



Pic: Yeon Jin Chung


Although she is only half way through her London experience, Rosie thinks her conversational English has already improved: “During my English studies in Korea, I learnt the grammar and punctuation of the English language in and out, but only now I am surrounded by native English speakers and am practising everyday am I improving my speaking skills.” Additionally, in her English for Work classes, Rosie has been learning about presentations, creating graphs, and making business phone calls.


Rosie has a lot more lined up for the time ahead. Next week, she is planning on going to Royal Ascot, the famous horse racing event attended by the Queen. Although Rosie had high expectations for London, she says the city is already exceeding them, and she is enjoying every minute of her stay!