Pic: Yeon Jin Chung

The first winner of The Language Gallery’s (TLG) “Cockney rhyming slang” competition arrived in the UK last week to claim her prize – a fully-funded stay in London and a free course at the school’s central London campus.

25-year-old Yeon Jin Chung, a.k.a Rosie, a sales professional from Seoul, South Korea, successfully took on YouTube star “Korean Billy” and TLG’s East London slang challenge – #TLGCourseWin – winning a free four-week course with the school at its Holborn centre.

Having spent a few days in the British capital, we met with Rosie to find out more about her, and her life changing experience.

“I still can’t believe I am here!” said Rosie, with a glimmer in her eyes. “This is my first time in London. I’ve always loved this city. Coming here was a dream for me, and TLG made that dream come true.”

Rosie’s passion for London is matched by her interest in improving her language skills. “I have always been interested in learning English, and when I couldn’t study I watched many videos on YouTube. This is how I discovered “Korean Billy” and I have been following his work, to learn about the language and the culture,” explained Rosie.

With the opportunity to pick any of the courses offered by TLG, Rosie chose the English for Work programme in order to take her business English skills to the next level.

“I studied in Canada and enjoyed meeting new people and discovering new cultures,” Rosie added. “But one day I would like to be able to work in another country, and I know I need to keep studying. English for Work is very different, more technical, but it’s exactly what I need for my professional development.”



Pic: Yeon Jin Chung

Rosie’s first week in London has been a busy one – between settling in, getting to know her new classmates and exploring the city. She has visited the eclectic Camden Town and Notting Hill, confessing her disappointment when she couldn’t visit the famous travel book store featured in the movie Notting Hill. But the vibrant area was far from being a let-down; Rosie enjoyed the atmosphere and learning all about the many artists who live there.

With three more weeks to go of this life-changing experience, there are still many things Rosie would like to do while in London.

“I have heard so much about the city and the people who live here,” said Rosie. “I can’t wait to try some famous British specialties, like cottage pie and fish and chips, and I hope I’ll have the chance to have a nice afternoon tea!”