Pic: Yeon Jin Chung


Yeon Jin Chung, a.k.a Rosie has had another busy week in London. From sightseeing, exploring, and learning new words and phrases in English, there hasn’t been a dull moment as the TLG competition winner continued to explore the capital.  


“I walked across Tower Bridge – it was beautiful, it is the image you picture when you think of the UK, so it was great to see in person.”


“My photos of the bridge got a lot of ‘likes’!”


Rosie has visited Sky Garden, London’s highest public garden, which offers a 360 view of the City in a unique environment. “It was very busy and there were people being turned away, but I managed to get a reservation for that same day. It was really lovely, I am lucky I was able to go.”


Afterwards, Rosie went to an English and Korean language exchange. This involved being paired with a native English speaker that was interested in learning about the Korean language and culture, who would then teach Rosie about English. “People there were very interested in my culture which was great. I’m planning to go back again.”


Rosie’s visit to London has coincided with a particularly intense heatwave – with temperatures reaching more than 30 degrees some days, “it has been so hot in London, when I take the tube I feel like I’m in a sauna!” she said. The weather is unusual for the typically rainy city, but it has allowed Rosie to go out and about and explore the outdoor areas of the city.



Pic: Yeon Jin Chung


She has been to a few of the city’s markets, including Shoreditch, Greenwich, and Borough. “I went to a renowned bagel shop at Shoreditch market. I got a salt beef bagel- it was very good. If it was near to my house I would go every day.”


In keeping with British tradition, Rosie needed to find a hat to wear on her upcoming trip to the famous Royal Ascot. She visited the shopping area of Oxford Street to try and find the perfect millinery accessory. “There are so many huge stores there, it is so amazing. I did a lot of shopping – but unfortunately didn’t find a hat I wanted, so I’m going to have to keep looking!”


Rosie was very excited to attend the horse racing event, which is also one of the biggest dates in London’s fashion calendar.


“It is a very British experience, and as someone that is interested in British culture I know I will really like it. I am going to bet on a horse, just for fun; I have been told to pick a horse with a pretty name!”


“I hope I get to catch a glimpse of the Queen and other members of the Royal family.” She added.


In her English for Work classes, Rosie has been learning about business ethics: “I have been learning about how to manage ethically and also about fair trade.”


“I am really enjoying it, the people and teachers here are all very nice and welcoming.”


Next week, we will catch up with Rosie one last time, as she tells us all about her final week in London.