Visiting somewhere new for the first time is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming -where should you visit, and how can you make the most of your trip? Coming to a different country for the first time can be a culture shock, especially if it is completely different to what you are used to.


Recently, The Language Gallery (TLG) ran a competition with YouTuber Korean Billy. The prize was a 4-week English course at TLG and accommodation in London. Our first winner, Yeon Jin Chung, a.k.a Rosie from South Korea, had never visited London before. Having just completed her stay, she has shared some of her thoughts and recommendations about the city with us.


Read on to find out more about how Rosie found her time in the UK while learning English at our language school in London, and see if you pick up a few tips along the way.


Going local


London is a big place, and for a newcomer, it can be hard to know where to start! Rosie gave us a few pieces of advice for someone that’s coming to London for the first time: “You should visit local places, not just tourist hotspots, and talk to local people. Don’t just hang around with people from the same place as you, or you will not get the full experience of a new culture.”

“It might not always be easy to make friends, but you are sure to meet open-minded people. During my time here, I have felt very welcomed by people in the UK.” She said.


Learning the lingo


As an English language learner, one of the best things you can do is spend time in an English-speaking country. Rosie found that her time surrounded by native English speakers helped her to develop her skills quickly. “There is no short cut to learning English, you have to try hard all of the time.” She said.

“Studying English with a book is not the same as talking to someone out loud. It is only when you start to use the language all of the time that it begins to come naturally.”


Don’t miss…


Rosie went all around the city when she was here, from markets and museums, to afternoon tea and British pubs. She shared some of her favourite parts of London with us: “Visitors should make the time to visit Brick Lane Market – it illustrates very well how multicultural London is. You will see many different types of people from all over the world, who are selling lots of interesting things.”

“Another area not to miss is Camden Lock. It is full of young people and has a very ‘hip’ vibe! It is a cool place to hang out. Many musicians have played there and the canal that runs through it is so beautiful.”

“My other favourites were the British Library and Primrose Hill!” Rosie added.


We hope that our next winner, who will be joining us in the near future, will be able to pick up some tips from Rosie! Read about her adventures in London in our previous blog post.