Yeon Jin Chung, a.k.a Rosie has been making the most of her last week with The Language Gallery. After an amazing four weeks with us, learning English and exploring London, Rosie’s time with TLG has to come to an end. We catch up with Rosie one last time, as she fills us in on what she got up to in her last week.


Rosie attended Royal Ascot, the famous horse racing event: “It was such a nice and sunny day! I even got a little sunburnt.”


“When I was getting on the train from King’s Cross I could see lot of other people dressed up, with their hats. I knew they were going to Ascot too, it was such an awesome day. We had a champagne picnic when we arrived, and I made a bet on a race – I lost! But I couldn’t get too upset, it was only for fun.”


“I saw the Queen and the Royal family! Everybody was singing the national anthem God Save the Queen, it was such a happy atmosphere, everyone was enjoying themselves – I felt very much part of British culture.”


The next day Rosie went to Camden to try fish and chips at a restaurant called ‘Hook’, it was recommended in a video by the popular YouTuber ‘Korean Englishman’. She then visited a pub called ‘The Hawley Arms’, which Amy Winehouse used to work at.


“I really like pub culture, I see British people going to enjoy their time there and feeling relaxed, it’s nice.” She added.


Rosie has benefitted from spending a lot of time around native English speakers: “I have learnt a lot of English while I have been here in London. It can be simple but it takes a lot of practice, there is no short cut. The grammar is the most difficult part, it is very different to Korean.”


Rosie has become fond of the British Library, and has gone there to study a number of times. “When I am studying in the British Library, I am surrounded by lots of books that were part of King George III’s collection. I find it very interesting to be surrounded by such history.” Said Rosie.


One of Rosie’s favourite things she has done whilst being here is take part in a language exchange: “It is a good way to make friends. A lot of British people there asked me why I liked London so much, and the truth is, since I was raised in Korea, London is such a different place, with lots of history and culture. There is so much to do, it never gets boring.”


Later in the week, Rosie had an afternoon tea experience at a tea room on Oxford Street: “We had tea and cake, it was very cute, there was even a pink piano that played itself.” She said.



Pic: Yeon Jin Chung 


Rosie and a friend visited Boxpark in Shoreditch: “We saw something called ‘K-wings’ on a menu there so we decided to try them, they were supposed to be Korean style chicken wings, but they were nothing like the real version! Then I had a soft serve ice cream that had sweets and candyfloss. It was a bit too sweet!”


On Wednesday Rosie went to Brick Lane, which is famous for its Indian food, and had a curry there. She also visited “Foyle’s” the bookstore, and bought an English pronunciation book: “I think people sometimes struggle to understand my accent in English, and I want to improve it so people can understand me better. Korean Billy actually recommended a pronunciation book on one of his videos, so I got that and went back to the British library to read it.”


On her last day at TLG, Rosie has been saying goodbye to her friends here and attending a farewell ceremony: “I don’t want to go home – I like it here so much, maybe I could move here one day!”


TLG hopes Rosie has had a wonderful time, and enjoyed her stay with us very much. If you’re interested in reading more about her trip, you can read up on what she did last week. We look forward to welcoming the second winner of our competition in August!