Summer camp is often seen simply as a place for children to go and play games for a week, away from parents during the off-school season. Many children even come away with a dislike of summer camps, complaining they find the experiences tedious and that they’d have been happier at home.

But summer camp can be more than just a playtime getaway, especially if it combines education and exciting activities in a non-native environment. Summer camp can be an enriching experience for kids, and even teenage students.


Away from home

Summer is a great season for young people to get away from home and gain experiences away from familiar people, settings and entertainment. Teenagers especially have a chance to experience places and environments outside of their native areas, often venturing into new climates and geographies completely different from their own.


Unique mixtures

Not only do teenage students get a chance to travel, summer camps allow for them to mix with others their age from different societies around the world. Particularly with international summer camps, the ability to meet peers of their same international age group broadens their perspective of the world around them, while creating friendships with new people from other cultures.


A new kind of classroom

Childhood summer camps often give students an alternative education in nature; learning camping, orientation and outdoor sports skills. In teenage years, summer camp students can experience even more diverse educational settings, including intense, hands-on science, sports, and language learning, with specialised instructors that can help them with their existing academic studies or for their future post-secondary studies.


Networking and possibilities

Many great connections are made at summer camps. If you speak with instructors and counsellors, they often started their careers there as camp attendees. Many students also gain insight into travel, educational and professional possibilities that they might not have known about had they not gone to summer camp in the first place.


Once in a lifetime

What’s most important about summer camps for young people is that it’s really a special time in their lives. Once people get older, opportunities to travel and have unique recreational-education experiences become harder to acquire. Therefore it’s important for teenage students to take advantage of a great summer camp programme and have a unique, often life-changing experience when they are able to.


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