Why take an evening class?

27 October, 2017 Education Erin O'Neill

Why take an evening class?


There are many benefits to taking a night class – running programmes in the evenings makes education easier to access for a wide range of the population.

Some people aren’t able to get the time off from their full-time job to attend education, and can’t afford to quit. Not everyone has the time to commit to learning during the day, and will need to search for something more flexible to suit their needs.

But would you really want to spend a whole evening of your precious free time in a classroom? Read on to find out why we think evening classes are a great investment.



With an evening class, there’s no reason you can’t continue working your day job as normal. As opposed to normal education, you won’t have to dedicate full days to lectures or a strict schedule of classes. You can take on an internship, volunteer, or work full-time whilst you take an evening class, making it possible to earn a wage and learn at the same time.



Some of us just aren’t morning people, it can be difficult for a lot of us to engage our brains in the early hours of the day. By the time you go to your evening class, you’ll have had time to eat dinner, drink something caffeinated, and attend to anything else important you had to do during the day. You will be ready to learn and retain information better in the evenings.



Evening classes come with a lot of social opportunity. At this time of the day, you’ll probably find people are more receptive to conversation and socialising than early on in the morning. You’ll meet and interact with people you wouldn’t usually come across, and since people are a lot livelier in the evening, there’s more of a chance that you’ll hit it off with your classmates.



Night classes often cater to a smaller amount of people than day classes. Studies have shown that smaller class sizes contribute to better student outcomes; you’ll have more interaction with the tutor, and a stronger connection with the other members of your class.



A typical evening for a lot of us might involve sitting on the sofa in front of the TV – and there is nothing wrong with doing this some of the time! However, dedicating a small portion of your free time to learning something new, meeting new people, and being more active can be greatly rewarding. After class you will feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement for doing something truly worthwhile with your time.


Have we managed to convince you that evening classes are a great study option? Learning a language in your spare time comes with many benefits, and with TLG’S EVENING CLASSES IN ENGLISH FOR WORK, SPANISH, AND GERMAN you’ll be able to fit this undertaking around the responsibilities of your day to day life.

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