Why study with TLG this summer

30 June, 2017 Education Erin O'Neill

Why study with TLG this summer


Learning a new language is something with a lot of benefits; you’ll open up doors to exciting opportunities and experiences, and learn a lot about new and interesting cultures. With summer upon us, you might be thinking of preparing for your next trip away – learning the lingo could be a valuable investment for your current and future travel plans.

Language schools are a great option for someone who wants to commit to learning a new language. You’ll benefit from the structure and expertise of the school’s teachers and syllabus, and will find it easier to keep up and maintain your learning with the help. Read on to find out why you should consider studying with a language school like The Language Gallery.



It’s always going to be easier to learn a new language when you are surrounded by native speakers. It will also give you the chance to pick up on slang and other nuances that only come from living in a country that uses the language you are learning as its mother tongue.

Reading things like signs and menus will help you get used to the different words, and just listening to the people around you will help with your pronunciation, even if you don’t realise it. The Language Gallery has centres all around the world, including England, Canada, Germany, and Ireland, where this could be a possibility.



Having a second language is almost essential these days. If you want to impress a potential employer, being at least bilingual is one thing that will do it – it could be the difference between being hired and being overlooked. If you want to get ahead in your career, spending a summer learning a new language could be a great investment into your future.

In today’s global economy, employers will see an additional language as a chance for their business to branch out to new audiences. Those who can’t keep up with the demand and can only speak their mother tongue are more likely to miss out on opportunities in the future. By taking a course with a language school like TLG you’ll also have a certificate or qualification that will prove your level of language competency.



Many language schools offer a social programme as well as their academic offerings. TLG for example gives students the option to participate in SMART learning trips. This is a social programme that takes students to various places of interest in the surrounding area. At TLG London, examples of places that students have been include Stonehenge, Bath, and Brighton.

They have even visited Paris and Versailles. Taking part in activitieslike these helps you to explore different cultures and improve your language skills at the same time, whilst making the most of your summer.


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