Last summer the sun was shining, the days were long, and there was a sense of happiness in the air. This is The Language Gallery’s favourite time of year where more juniors present around the school bring a sense of youth and excitement. And it was in the summer of 2018 that The Language Gallery and the world famous Pineapple Dance Studio launched its residential, dance and English language programme for juniors. 

Tlg Dn

From classical ballet to contemporary, London is known around the world for its fantastic dance shows. Last year, students from different parts of the world visited this city of dance to combine their dancing passion with the opportunity to improve their English language skills. They learned new moves, discussed the history of dance, experienced London, and above all they made new friends that share the same interests. 

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The Language Gallery’s English Language Summer Camp in partnership with Pineapple Dance Studios is a great way for young people aged 12-19 to learn English through dance. Don’t miss out the chance to join us for this exciting opportunity.

The two-week camp includes:

30 hours of English Language tuition

20 hours of dance teaching

Full board accommodation

London sightseeing

Entrance to a West End show

tlg dance

We asked James, TLG Academic Manager, about his experience with our dance students and he could not describe them better “They were such good students with such a good vibe”.

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Watch a sneak peek of our dancers in action.

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