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22 July, 2016 Education James Burt

For some people summer is filled with the usual great excitement; beaches, family trips, and sporting events. For others though summer can be very blasé; with only television, video games, and dull days at home to occupy one’s time.

Summer doesn’t have to be that way. Taking advantage of some out-of-town activities is a good way to get away from familiar surroundings, meet some new friends, and engage in new, enlightening events. One of these activities is going to a good summer camp.

It’s true that there are traditional summer camps where there’s the requisite camping in tents and building campfires. But there are also a lot of other different kinds of summer camps for youths that can satisfy whatever your interests are. Amongst these ideas are:



If you’ve already done the tents-and-nature-walk summer camp programmes, an adventure camp is a good step up from those. Many of today’s youth enjoy extreme sports, challenging activities, and new adventures that they can’t get anywhere else. Including the likes of high-mountain and water-sports based camps, adventure camps allow students to engage in these more uncommon ventures and take themselves to heights that they never thought possible before.



Some youngsters have a talent with music performance and theory, others can recite monologues of Shakespeare, Pinter, and Mamet on command, and want the chance to do so on a stage. Then there are the few that have the painting finesse of a young Gauguin or Renoir. These kids practically need a summer outlet to realise their artistic ambitions, and luckily, there are several arts camps that fit the bill to be found the world over. Many of these are based in artistic capitals like Rome, New York, and London, where students can be immersed in the creative societies they love.



Increasing in popularity each summer, young people that have Steve Jobs-esque aspirations of creating new technology now have camps that help them to develop that scientific instinct they have. With the world continually developing new technological media and formats, this type of summer camp is almost an educational supplement to what they learn at school. Moreover, it can put them on the cusp of new technological and scientific discoveries whilst surrounding them with likeminded enthusiasts.



Like science and technology, second and third languages are becoming vital parts of students’ educational trajectories. That said many students understand that it’s in their best interest to attend a youth summer camp and/or summer language exchange to put their second language into practice. Many universities offer these types of camps, with qualified teachers that are certified in both teaching and languages, and offer immersion programmes to allow participants to travel and communicate with peers in a particular language.



American football, European football [or soccer], rugby, baseball, ice hockey, golf, tennis… the list is almost endless. There are so many great sports are out there, and even more summer camps for young people to engage in some serious summer play. Especially for young people that play sports throughout the school months or are even dreaming of a career in semi- or fulltime professional sports, these camps often put young people on the field with real professional players so they can learn all the rules of the game.


Now you know just what sort of summer camps are available to you. If this interests you further, remember that The Language Gallery offers SUMMER CAMP IN PARTNERSHIP WITH LIVERPOOL FC. This is a summer camp that gives young girls and boys the opportunity to travel to the United Kingdom to study English whilst allowing them to learn football from real professionals from Liverpool Football Club. It’s a unique chance to travel, study, and play all at once. 

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