Playing with language


Playing with language


When you’re learning something new, it can be difficult to find ways of keeping your studies interesting.

One way to do this is to use games, making sure that you’re having fun as well as improving your skills. Here are three of our favourite language games!


Last one standing

If you have friends who are also learning English, you can use this simple language game to test each other’s vocabulary. You will need a ball to play this game.

Standing in a circle, decide on a vocabulary category – such as furniture, animals, or food. Then toss the ball to each other.

When somebody catches the ball, they must name an item in the category. If they can’t, then they are out and the group must pick a new category.

To make it more difficult, the person catching the ball can name an item and then choose a new category for the next person.



This language game should be played with at least four people, as you will need to be in two teams.

Team A decides on a word and writes it down on a piece of paper, while Team B decides who is going to guess the word.

Team A then holds the paper behind the person who will be doing the guessing, so that the rest of Team B can see it.

Team B should then try to explain in English what it is without saying the word.



This game can be played with only two people, and is good for testing your spelling.

After studying a list of words, one person should write them down with all the letters in the wrong order.

The other person then needs to rearrange the letters so that all of the words are spelled correctly.

To make this language game more challenging, add a time limit!


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