Learner autonomy

19 December, 2019 Education Harriet Bussell

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So, what can you do to get the most out of your free time, improve your English and become a better learner?


Set yourself goals

Where do you want to get to with your English?  Are you studying for your IELTS exam, for work, or just for your own personal development?  Set yourself small targets - like when you would like to get to certain levels or scores by, or how many new words you would like to learn every week.



What areas of English do you think you need the most help with?  Write a list.  Which of those things do you need most help with?  Put that at the top of your list – congratulations, you’ve made a start to your planning (simple, right?)

Keep this list up to date, tracking the changes that you are making as you progress.


Reflect and evaluate

Think about your lessons at school and anything you didn’t understand well or think you need extra help with.  Speak to your teachers about what else you could do to improve.


Get to know your learning style
How do you like to learn?  Do you like to read, look at pictures, watch films?  Maybe you enjoy working with other people.  How can you use these hobbies to improve your English skills?  Things you could do are: start reading your favourite book in English, find a friend to learn with or take up a new hobby.


Motivate yourself!

Keep yourself interested in learning by changing the activities you do.  If you feel like you’re getting bored of reading, start listening to something instead.  There are plenty of places online where you can find audio books! Can’t get your head around that difficult grammar point? Go out for a walk to refresh your mind.

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