IELTS Writing Exam Task 2

IELTS Writing Exam Task 2: 4 Steps to Success with ROBS

Exams can sometimes feel stressful and it can be easy to forget all the hard work you have done leading up to it. In this blog I’d like to share four useful tips to ensure success in the IELTS Writing Exam: Task 2. 

Step 1 – READ 

Read the question and then repeat it to yourself. Do you understand the meaning and the task? 

Think of synonyms for difficult vocabulary – put the question into your own words. 

Give your opinion on the matter. This doesn’t have to necessarily be what you really think, but it should be an opinion which you can talk about in detail. 

Remember that there is often no right or wrong answer – examiners are usually looking for examples of your knowledge and skills rather than what you think. 

Step 2 – OPINION 

Give reasons for your opinion and details to support your point of view. Examples include: 

I strongly believe this because…..  

To give you an example…. 

For instance/for example…. 

Let me give you an example….. 

Remember that you should choose an opinion which has lots of detail to discuss in your writing. 

Step 3 – BALANCE 

A balanced essay is a good essay! 

It is important to show the other side of an argument – this demonstrates to the examiner that you understand the structure of an essay and that your writing is good. Use language such as: 


On the other hand…. 

It can be argued that….. 

Another side to the discussion is…. 

Don’t forget to support this by saying why other people have a different opinion to yours. 


A conclusion is an essential part of an essay – it is an opportunity for you to summarise both arguments and gives the examiner chance to see that you understand essay structure. 

You could start your conclusion paragraph with language such as: 

To conclude/summarise… 

In conclusion/summary… 

Finally, let us consider both arguments…. 

DON’T FORGET to check your work for accuracy of grammar, range of vocabulary, good use of punctuation and ask yourself ‘Did I answer the question?’. 

Good luck! 

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