Five English courses you didn't know existed


Five English courses you didn't know existed


You take General English, then some Business English, then maybe a conversation class. They’re all good, and you learn a lot while you study English in whatever school you’re at. But then you realise you’d like a new challenge, or discover you need to take a specific English course to enhance your profession.

While this sounds like a tall order, there are English courses available to help with these very language needs. Whether it’s your speaking fluency or your industry-specific English vocabulary, there are classes you might not know exist and that can be very useful to you, including:



Learning English in a big class can be tough. The teacher can only provide so much attention to students individually. That said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a little one-to-one tutoring to work on specific areas of improvement. One-to-one classes pair you with a teacher to work on the nuances of your English learning, including speaking and grammar aspects.



Often on the job or for school, it’s hard to gather your thoughts on critical political and social topics, especially in a language that’s not your native tongue. Communication and critical thinking classes are available to help you articulate your thoughts, both verbally and written, and with other students just like you. You can puzzle out problems and come up with eloquent solutions in English.



Students, and often their parents, dream of studying abroad at an English language university. But be it Harvard, Cambridge, or Dalhousie University, getting accepted AND keeping up with English university studies is very difficult. You will be submerged into a real academic and fast-paced English speaking environment. University English courses can help get you prepared for what sort of assignments to expect, plus give you coaching in various in-class and communication skills that are necessary for an English language university.



There’s nothing like being able to use your hard-earned English skills in your given profession. You might not know what to expect in using your language skills practically, or what job opportunities exist for English-language students. A newer English-for-specific-purposes course, tourism and hospitality, can give you a taste of the fun you can have using your English skills in an enjoyable working environment.



Do you know how to get from Montreal to the Laurentian Mountains? Or why Queen Elizabeth is on the back of Canadian coins? Or why Canada has a prime minister and not a president like the USA? Canada is more than the usual igloo, red jacked RCMP officers, and bacon-eating clichés, and Canadian culture classes help you understand a very large and diverse nation better.


This is only the beginning. If you’re interested in more English for Specific Purposes programmes like TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY, On Demand English courses, or any of our ENGLISH ELECTIVE COURSES, check out what The Language Gallery has to offer. There are so many courses available to take advantage of

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