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14 April, 2020 Education Harriet Bussell

In my previous job I spent a lot of my time Skyping into Libya. My colleagues and I piloted and then developed an online teaching and teacher training model to support teachers and students living in Libya’s conflict situation. We couldn’t travel around Libya but wanted to give opportunities to people across the whole country. It was incredibly rewarding.

Student on a computer

The best ways to engage students in online classes

09 April, 2020 Education Harriet Bussell

The best ways to engage students in online classes

Unlike teaching in a classroom face to face where you can rely on your physical energy to motivate and engage even the most indifferent of students, when teaching online you have to employ some different tactics. This blog will give you a run-down of some tried and tested tips to engage and motivate your students of all ages.

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Teaching Online

27 MARCH, 2020 Education Harriet Bussell

For the last 8 years, teaching English has meant preparing my materials for students that I was going to be standing in front and interacting with, in a classroom face to face. This week for the first time ever, I’ve had to change the way I deliver classes and get behind the computer ready for online teaching.

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Learner Autonomy

19 December, 2019 Education Harriet Bussell

Did you know that most of your learning takes place outside of the classroom?

A student who knows how to learn is often able to improve more quickly and successfully.   Being proactive in your studies not only helps you progress better but can also help you later in your life – in your career, in the workplace, and socially.

The Language Gallery experience at Pineapple Dance Studios - small

The Language Gallery experience at Pineapple Dance Studios 

23 January, 2019 Education Anisa Choudhary

Last summer the sun was shining, the days were long, and there was a sense of happiness in the air.

Lesestrategien beim TestDaF - small

Lesestrategien beim TestDaF

20 February, 2018 Education Erin O'Neill

Der TestDaF besteht aus drei Lesetetxten, für Lesetext 1 sind ungefähr zehn Miuten eingeplant.

Playing with language - small

Playing with language

11 January, 2018 Education Erin O'Neill

When you’re learning something new, it can be difficult to find ways of keeping your studies interesting.

One way to do this is to use games, making sure that you’re having fun as well as improving your skills. Here are three of our favourite language games!

How to learn German - small

How to learn German

13 December, 2017 Education Erin O'Neill

The German language is mainly spoken in three European countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

It is also spoken in Liechtenstein, and it is one of the official languages of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Top 5 countries to study English - small


Top five countries for studying English

23 November, 2017 Education Erin O'Neill

There are lots of countries where you can study English, but some places are better than others – particularly if you choose to study where you’ll be surrounded by native speakers.

Here are some of the best countries to study English in; choose wisely!

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