Things you might not know about Canada

19 May, 2017
James Burt

When many people think of Canada, they imagine snow-covered forests, ice hockey, doughnuts, and maple syrup. Whilst mostly true, it’s a bit limited. Sure Canada and its inhabitants have to battle harsh winters and they do enjoy watching ice hockey, but that’s only the surface. 

How to save money in London

17 March, 2017
Erin O'Neill

London can be less affordable than other places in the UK, and you’ll probably notice the difference whether you’re just visiting the capital or moving there to live.

Wages are slightly higher in London to compensate, but this often doesn’t make a remarkable difference. 

15 famous figures you might not know are Canadian

10 March, 2017
James Burt

Do you know any famous Canadians? You probably know some famous Americans, Britons, and even Australians, but Canadians…?

You might be surprised to learn about who, in the realms of popular entertainment, science, politics, and sports, are actually Canadian. 

Coast to coast: The best places to visit in Canada

20 December, 2016
James Burt

Some people think the best places to visit in Canada are its natural forests or tundra areas, but Canada has become a multi-faceted place for travellers in all of its urban, rural, and natural locations.

Just going from the West to East coast, there are some key places to visit. Here are just a few.

How do I make friends with Canadians?

06 December, 2016
Marissa Venn

A common issue for students in Canada, especially long-term students, is that they have trouble meeting and making friends with Canadians. In this blog series, we offer some advice on how to break the barriers and start talking to Canadians.

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