Why study English in London


Study English in London


There’s no better way to learn a language than to live among native speakers; listening, reading, writing and speaking a language every day will help you to elevate your proficiency to the next level. And what better place to achieve fluency in the English language than London? The country’s dynamic capital is the one of the world’s most visited and desirable cities. A central hub of culture and business, rich with history and home to many of the world’s most iconic buildings, London is the place to be if you are keen to study English. Here are just a few of the many reasons to explore the option of studying the English language in London.


Where old meets new

A city where ancient castles and modern skyscrapers stand side-by-side, London is rich in history and intrigue. Host to dramatic events that have not only shaped the future of the capital, but the whole of the UK, the streets are filled with tales just waiting to be discovered. Surviving through the Blitz, the Black Death, and the Great Fire of 1666; attractions, museums and galleries in modern London exist to tell these tales to tourists and residents alike. By studying and living in London, you gain easy access to iconic sites like the Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey – some of the most interesting cultural attractions in the world.


Experience different cultures

London is a melting pot for people from all four corners of the globe. There is nowhere else in the UK that enjoys as much of a multicultural environment as London. A beacon of acceptance and diversity, London is known to be welcoming to people of any nationality, gender, or sexuality. From the thriving Portuguese community in Lambeth (or ‘Little Portugal’ as it’s come to be known), to the famous Bangladeshi curry houses of Brick Lane, in London you can experience elements of many different cultures without ever having to catch a plane. This atmosphere can be felt in the many different events that are celebrated throughout the city, the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat festival and the Italian Procession in Honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel are just two examples of events celebrating various cultures within the capital.


Make the right connections

Studying English in London not only helps you with your language skills, but will also allow the career-minded to create business and networking opportunities for themselves. Networking events can be found throughout the city, offering you the chance to make the right connections with people that could be in a position to hire you in a few years’ time. London is the economic centre of not just the UK, but the world, and making links in a global city like this is something that is sure to be beneficial in the long run.


World-class entertainment

There is something for everyone in a city such as London. The social scene for students is unmatched. Whether you are a fan of grime music, hip-hop or electronic, there’s somewhere that will be able to meet your musical needs. Opera and classical music are also celebrated here, with the likes of the Royal Albert Hall hosting some of the most famous cultural shows the world has to offer. London is the first port of call for musical theatre too, so fans of this genre will be more than satisfied with the West End’s famous musical shows.


If this article has sparked your interest in studying English in London, the home of James Bond and the Royal family, then visit TLG and find out more about the English language courses on offer at our London school.

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