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Mother’s Day around the world

We recently sat down with a few students from The Language Gallery and asked them how they celebrate International Mother’s Day in their home countries. The interviews are part of The Language Gallery’s wider ‘Around the World’ campaign, celebrating TLG students across the globe.



Suzanne is originally from France, and is now studying the IELTS PREPARATION COURSE at TLG. Suzanne shared with us that Mother’s Day is celebrated on 31st March in France. Although this holiday is quite popular, Suzanne told us that there are no specific traditions for Mother’s Day in France.  Children tend to give gifts and flowers, typically roses, to their mothers.

When asked why we should celebrate mothers, Suzanne said: “A mother is one of the most important people in our lives.”


Saudi Arabia

IELTS Preparation course student Nizar explained that Mother’s Day is celebrated on 21st March in Saudi Arabia. As there are no specific traditions within the country, the way Mother’s day is celebrated is unique for every family.

Nizar also shared with us that he affectionately calls his mother “Lemon”. He then explained that his mother’s real name is Maymonah, which is very similar to the Arabic word for lemon.

When asked why we should celebrated mothers, he said: “It is at least what they deserve. At the very least!”


South Korea

Suji is originally from South Korea and is now studying General English at TLG. Suji told us that in South Korea, Parent’s Day is celebrated on 8th May - as they do not have Mother’s Day.

Initially, the State Council of South Korea designated 8th May as Mother’s day. However, this was soon changed to Parent’s Day in 1973, to include fathers as well. Popular ways of celebrating Parent’s Day include children giving their parents carnations.



GENERAL ENGLISH student Domenico shared with us that, in Italy, Mother’s Day is celebrated  on 13th May and is widely popular across the country. He added that it is a day for mothers to relax and for the family to get together and have a nice meal.

Fellow student Elisabetta agreed with him, saying that children in Italy take their mothers out for lunch and shower them with gifts and flowers – typically roses, or orchids due to their long lifespan.

When asked to describe their mothers in three words, Elisabetta described her “Mami” as ‘strong’, ‘sensible’ and ‘generous’. Domenico chose the words ‘optimistic’, ‘positive’ and ‘radiant’ instead.



Andres is originally from Colombia, and is now studying General English at TLG. In Colombia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on 13th May, and it’s a very important holiday across the country.

Although Colombia does not have any specific traditions, Andres said that, on Mother’s Day, he likes playing guitar and singing for his mother, given that she loves music. He also gives  her flowers, typically roses. When asked how he would describe his mother (“Mami/Momo”) in three words, Andres chose ‘unique’, ‘generous’ and ‘beautiful’.



General English student Fouad shared with us that Mother’s Day is celebrated on 27th May in Morocco. 

Fouad explained that, although the day is now widely celebrated, this hasn’t always been the case, as women have always been largely discriminated and Mother’s Day has only recently gained more importance.

 He also added that women were considered to be “born for the house” – cooking, cleaning and raising children. However, as times have changed, so have Morocco’s views of Mother’s Day.

The best advice that Fouad’s mother (“la mammita”) has ever given to him was to move to London to study.  Despite being initially reluctant, he now loves his life in London – and this is thanks to his mother’s advice.


TLG Mother’s Day Video

To celebrate Mother’s Day on 13th May, we have created a video of our students explaining why their mother is an inspiration to them. The video also features students saying “Happy Mother’s Day” in their native languages. To watch this video, check out TLG’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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