From Geordie to Scouse and everything in between, the English language is colourful to say the least – but just how many of you know what on earth the most common English slang phrases actually mean? Why not test your lingo knowledge in our quiz: 


So, how did you do?


To determine the UK’s top regional phrases for our quiz, we conducted research into the different slang words to help you master the ever so confusing jargon.


Popular slang, the research revealed, ranged from ‘baked bean’ (meaning the Queen in Cockney slang) to ‘up a height’ (for when you’re really stressed in Newcastle).


In Manchester if you’re ‘piffy on a sock bun’ you’re feeling like a bit of a loner, and if you’re ‘courting’ you’re dating a love interest in Yorkshire -  a diverse range of sayings, wouldn’t you agree?


Here are 100 top slang phrases from across the UK:



Ey up - you okay/hello

Ginnel – alley

Norman J Smithley - one pound

Nowt - nothing

Getting a croggie - riding the back of someone else’s bike

Nithered - cold

Put wood in't ole - close the door

Balling - crying

Gerroff - leave me alone

Larkin – playing

Reckon up - add up

Summatup? - What's wrong?

Yope – shout

Courtin – dating a love interest

B’aht – without

Flippin’ ‘eck - wow (shock, not usually good)

Flaggin’ - getting tired

Flummox – confused

Gander – look

Reight – very

Mardy - grumpy/moody



Nesh – cold

Jacobs join – buffet

Ackers – money

Away - hurry up

Barie – good

Chuddy - chewing gum

Clarty - dirty/mucky

Crack – gossip

Dish – face

Is it heck - no, it isn't

Jousey – lucky

Kecks – trousers

L'al – small



It's a bit black over Bill's mother's - It's dark and grey outside

Yammy - daft

Clarting about - messing around

Ta-ra a bit - goodbye

Donnies – hands

Got a cob on - In a bad mood



Jarg - fake / not true

Fella – man

Bird – woman

Chocka – busy

Brassic - no money

Antwacky - old fashioned

Clobber – clothes



Piffy on a rock bun – loner

Our kid - brother/sister

Mad fer it - excited/buzzing

Mint – great

Mi stomach thinks mi throat’s been cut – hungry

Use yer loaf - think for yourself

Sorted - it's fine

Ta rah – goodbye



Bolt ya rocket - go away

Shut yer geggy - stop going on about it

Havenae a scooby - no idea

Eejit – idiot

Hoachin – busy

Sound - cool / good



Bangin – good

Bennin - extreme laughter

Chirpsing – flirting

Drum – home

Marvin – hungry

Rents – parents

Baked bean – queen

Bob hope – soap

Jam jar – car

Tables and chairs – stairs



Emmer – tourist

Rich – lovely

Teasy – irritable



Canny – good

Haddaway - give over/don't be silly

Radgie - temper tantrum, someone who's angry/aggressive

Clamming – hungry

Up a height - you're really stressed

Marra – friend

Wey aye man - agreeing with someone



Shan - that's not fair

Chore – steal

Pie/dingy - ignore someone

Chum - come with me/accompany



Toots - precious one

Tha's lush - That is lovely

Tidy - nice/good

Tamping - really angry

Cwtch – hug



Alright ba - Hi

Thas a rummum - that's strange

On tha huh - crooked/wonky

Mind how you go – goodbye

Hold yew hard - Wait a moment


Northern Ireland

Wind your neck in - calm down

So it is – sure

Banjaxed – broken

Bake – face

Dead on - that'll do


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