Historical background

April Fools’ is a tradition celebrated across much of the Western world by playing pranks and jokes on people on April 1.

British historians say that April Fools’ has been celebrated in the UK since the 19th century. However, there are many theories about why we celebrate it exactly. This article will take a look at a few ideas experts have.

Start of a new year

April is often considered the beginning of summer and the start of renewal. This could be the reason for the day of fun and pranks taking place on April 1.

New Year theory

Not everyone used to celebrate the New Year in January in the olden days. Instead, some still celebrated at the end of March despite there being a calendar change and were labelled ‘fools’.

Funniest celebrity April Fools’ pranks

James Corden and Katie Couric

When news anchor Katie Couric made an appearance on James Corden’s The Late Late Show, she pretended to take a heavy tumble down the stairs. However, little was Corden aware that the person who’d actually taken a fall wasn’t Couric at all, but instead a stunt double.

One Direction and Nickelodeon

Zayn and Louis decided to play a prank on their fellow bandmates, by pretending that their Nickelodeon interviewer was going into labour in the middle of their interview. Watch the prank today to see the boys trying to hold back their laughter.

Justin Bieber prank calls a fan

On The Ellen DeGeneres show, Justin Bieber called up a fan and pretended to be a tutor from the fan’s university ringing about poor attendance. What makes the episode even funnier, is Justin’s terrible English accent!

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