British Cuisine

People often joke that British food is disgusting, and that British people can't cook. However, I think that these people have never tasted some of our delicious meals. Today, I'm going to talk about my favourite traditional British meals.

Fish and Chips

Number one is the traditional meal everybody knows: fish and chips! Fish and chips was first made in London about 300 years ago by the Jewish community, who had brought it to London from their countries. It became very popular, and soon it was considered to be a traditional British meal. The fish is covered in batter – a brown sauce made with egg, flour and milk – and then fried, so the batter becomes crispy. The chips are also fried, which means that fish and chips is very unhealthy, but extremely delicious! Many people have fish and chips on Fridays, to celebrate the end of the week.


Sunday Roast Dinner

Many Christian countries have a traditional Sunday dinner, when everyone in a family comes to visit their parents and eat together, but the food that is eaten changes in every country. In the UK, we have what is called a roast dinner. Roasting is a method of cooking food in the oven for a long time so that the food is crispy and delicious. The meal includes roast meat (normally beef, but could also be chicken or lamb), roast potatoes, roast vegetables, Yorkshire pudding (not sweet – a small empty pie made out of batter), and gravy – a dark brown sauce made from the water which the vegetables were cooked in. This is a very big meal, and afterwards you will be very full! Pubs in the UK sell this, but only on Sundays.


English Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal you have in the day, but you wouldn't want to eat this breakfast every day! The English Breakfast is very big, and you probably won't want to eat again for a long time if you try it. It includes: bacon, sausages, baked beans (beans in a tomato sauce), hash browns (thick slices of potato which are fried), mushrooms, fried eggs, black pudding (fried cow's blood) and fried bread – which is toast, covered in oil and then fried. There are vegetarian options too, if you don't eat meat. Again, this meal is not very healthy, but it is delicious. Most pubs make a fried breakfast in the mornings, and sometimes there are cafes which do this too.


Chicken Tikka Masala

In the UK, our food is often inspired by countries from around the world, and Chicken Tikka Masala is an excellent example. It was invented in the 1960s, when a man went into a hotel and asked for chicken, rice, and a tomato gravy. The chef had recently visited India, and made a tomato sauce with some spices, and a bit of chilli powder. Like that, Chicken Tikka Masala was born – a dish inspired by Indian cuisine, but cannot be bought outside of the UK. It became so popular that in 2010 it was voted the UK's favourite meal. Nowadays, all Indian restaurants sell a version of it, and you can also buy the sauce in supermarkets.



And finally, we come to my favourite part of any meal – the dessert! There aren't many traditional British desserts, but trifle is probably the most famous. A trifle normally has four different layers. At the bottom, there are sponge fingers – a very soft biscuit – which is covered in strawberry jelly. Some people also put sherry – a sweet, strong wine – with the sponge fingers. The jelly is then covered in custard – a sweet yellow sauce made with egg, flour and vanilla. The custard is then covered in cream, with coloured sugar on top of the cream. It is very popular at children's parties, and can be bought at most restaurants and supermarkets.

So these are five examples of famous British food. Which one will you try when you get the opportunity?

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