While many students are familiar with English-speaking countries and their various landmarks, they aren’t as familiar with Canada. Though it’s a much younger country than some other nations, Canada boasts a lot of unique qualities. Here are just a few:


It’s Bilingual

While most countries have one official language, Canada has two. Like Ireland and Belarus, Canada is officially bilingual thanks to 1972’s Official Languages Act.

This Act recognized Canada’s most prominent founding languages, English and French, and gave them equal status. Canadian students now study mandatory second languages at school.


Superstar Canadians

Some celebrities who are assumed to be American are actually Canadian. Famous Canadian celebrities include:

  1. Neil Young – rock and roll songwriter and guitarist, he influenced bands like Oasis, Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth
  2. Alice Munro – recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature, famous for short story collections such as The Moons of Jupiter
  3. Rachel McAdams – actress, known for roles in The Notebook, Mean Girls, Sherlock Holmes, Midnight in Paris, and her recent Oscar-nominated role in Spotlight
  4. Dr Roberta Bondar – first female Canadian astronaut and the first neurologist in space
  5. Steve Nash – National Basketball Association star
  6. Dr Frederick Banting – co-creator of first insulin treatments for diabetes
  7. Leonard Cohen – prize-winning poet and songwriter
  8. James Cameron – Academy Award winning director of Titanic, The Terminator, Avatar, and Aliens
  9. Bobby Orr – National Hockey League legend
  10. Frank Gehry – world-renowned architect

Other notable Canadians are singer Celine Dion, writer Margaret Atwood, Nobel laureate and astrophysicist Arthur McDonald, environmentalist David Suzuki, the theatre troupe Cirque du Soleil, and comedian Jim Carrey. The list is only getting longer!


There’s More than City Life

Canada’s urban centres like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are extremely popular, as they have ethnically diverse populations and many attractions. As great as these are, it’s worthwhile for students to explore areas outside the cities. Places like the Rocky Mountains, the Niagara Region, Newfoundland, Algonquin Park, the Laurentian Mountains, and the Bruce Peninsula offer unique geological sites, animals, and outdoor activities like skiing, canoeing, and hiking.


It’s Always Changing

A lot of people still think of Canada in terms of its original colonial roots of British, Irish, and French immigrants, plus its existing Aboriginal communities. But Canada is constantly changing in both urban and rural areas. 

Recent immigration waves from various parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America have brought new cuisine, architecture, art, religions, and ideas to the Canadian social landscape.


It Has Hidden Student Benefits

Students coming to Canada can benefit from many hidden advantages. For example, it is cheaper than the US or UK, and it boasts a high standard of living with a strong public safety and health record.


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