10 fun facts about the beautiful game


10 fun facts about the beautiful game

To many around the world, football is more than just a game; it’s their way of life. This post will take you on a journey throughout history and reveal quirky facts about this sport.


1) Brazilian football legend Pele was the first to coin the phrase: ’the beautiful game’.

2) Astronaut Neil Armstrong wanted to take a football with him to the moon - but NASA felt this would be un-American and didn’t allow it.

3) The largest number of people to attend a football match is 199,854. The match was played between Brazil and Uruguay in the 1950 World Cup in Rio de Janeiro.

4) The world’s first football club was founded in 1857 by two British Army Officers. The club was called the English Sheffield Football Club.

5) FIFA has more member countries than the United Nations.

6) One of the largest football tournaments in the world took place in 1999. A total of 5,098 teams participated and more than 35,000 players took part.

7) The most goals scored by one football player in a single match is 16 from the year 1942. They were scored by Frenchman Stephan Stanis who played for club Racing Club de Lens.

8) Greenland cannot join FIFA as not enough grass grows there for a football field to be created.

9) Nearly 50% of the globe watches the World Cup.

10) European countries have featured in all World Cup final matches – apart from two.


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