British Cuisine

21 January 2021, Culture James Carter

People often joke that British food is disgusting, and that British people can't cook. However, I think that these people have never tasted some of our delicious meals. Today, I'm going to talk about my favourite traditional British meals.

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Keeping yourself busy

26 March, 2020 Culture Lea Aylett

As we all sit at home, the first few days can be very relaxing. But, after a few days some of us might start getting a little bored. There are many things that we can do to keep ourselves busy at home, and after the 3rd time of organising the house, we might just have to get a little creative.

Thinking about a summer camp?

14 February, 2020  Culture Sasha Young

Following a very successful 2019, The Language Gallery is very excited about our Junior Camps for 2020! Our camps, some created in collaboration with prestigious partners, offer a wide range of activities coupled with language classes. We have a great choice of camps, from sightseeing across England, to football, music, dance, and even one for Harry Potter fans. 

Manchester city centre

Student Life in Manchester

04 February, 2020  Culture Yvonne Fraser

So, you’re living in Manchester and studying English? You’re enjoying your classes but also want to have fun and use your English outside class? You’ve heard about all the great art galleries and museums but want something a bit more modern? You don’t really like football that much? If so, read on

Student room

Living in the UK - Student accommodation

09 January, 2020  Culture Sasha Young

Travelling to a new country is an exciting journey, but it can also be stressful to know what types of student accommodation are available. There are many different options, from halls of residence or house shares to homestay.  So, it is important to choose what best suits you while living in the UK. Our friendly accommodation team at The Language Gallery is here to provide any help you need with accommodation-related questions.

Top Players in The World Cup - small

Top Players in The World Cup

05 July, 2018  Culture Alessandra Maffei

With the World Cup well underway, football fever is rising everyday! Today’s blog post is celebrating this diversity, by recognizing the top players in the league right now. 

Mother’s Day - small

TLG Mother’s Day

11 May, 2018 Culture Alessandra Maffei

We recently sat down with a few students from The Language Gallery and asked them how they celebrate International Mother’s Day in their home countries. The interviews are part of The Language Gallery’s wider ‘Around the World’ campaign, celebrating TLG students across the globe

10 unusual places to visit in London - small

10 unusual places to visit in London

25 April, 2018 Culture Alessandra Maffei

Take a detour off the tourist track to one of these unique and interesting sights around England’s capital city.

6 reasons to come to Hannover in summer - small

6 reasons to come to Hannover in summer

23 April, 2018 Culture Alessandra Maffei

Though Hannover is a quite small city with its 520.000 inhabitants, there are some interesting things to discover, especially in summer! Next to the benefit for language learners that the city represents the most pure and dialect-free German, 

The benefits of summer camp - small

The benefits of summer camp

06 April, 2018 Culture Anisa Choudhary

If you’re considering signing up to a summer camp with TLG, this post will teach you about all the benefits.

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