The best of British jargon

05 October, 2017
Erin O'Neill

From Geordie to Scouse and everything in between, the English language is colourful to say the least – but just how many of you know what on earth the most common English slang phrases actually mean? 

Top things to see in Berlin

14 September, 2017
Erin O'Neill

The city of Berlin has been home to many of the most significant moments in European history. From the remnants of the Berlin wall, to the scars left behind from World War Two, exploring Berlin will leave you inundated with a wealth of information about how Europe has become the way it is today. 

Why you should study English in Toronto

04 August, 2017
Erin O'Neill

Studying in Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is an ideal option for international students for a great number of reasons. Well known for its wide ranging food, arts, festivals, and even weather, Toronto has something to offer everyone. 

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